Community Round-Up: 10/03/12

Welcome back TSAgents, it’s been another busy week here, and I think I’m coming down with the Black Death. Steven’s even drawn a red cross on the door to my room here at TSA Towers, but anyway, let’s see how far I can get before I die in this weeks Community Roundup!

There are no new competitions this week, just Teflon’s round up of winners, so lets move straight along and have a peek at what TSA Meets are taking place this week. Bodachi kicks things off with the Uncharted 3 meet taking place at 7pm tonight, while R1MJAW hosts the weekly DiRT 3 meet tomorrow, Sunday beginning at 6pm.

On Monday night, Stanley1664 is hosting a GT5 meet taking place at 8pm. You can also hit the slopes with theberzerka also at 8pm in the new SSX meet.

On Wednesday, Death_in_Flamez hosts the weekly F1 meet, taking place at 8pm, and finally there’s Forrest’s weekly Battlefield 3 meet on Friday night at 9pm.

Remember, you can add your own meet to the list provided you have at least 250 TSA Points.

Kicking off with the reviews, let’s begin with Peter’s Street Fighter X Tekken review, in which he gave the game 8/10. Also getting an 8/10 was Binary Domain, reviewed by Dan. Moving onto the download titles now, Kris scored Ubisoft’s I Am Alive at a disappointing 4/10, whilst Jim gave the PSN exclusive Smash n’ Survive an even more disappointing 2/10.

For the Vita reviews this week, Alex gave Unit 13 a solid 8/10, and Jim took a look at Army Corps of Hell, giving it 5/10. That Jim’s clearly been a busy man, as he also took a look at Dynasty Warriors NEXT, giving it a 7/10.

For the single hands on this week, Kris got stuck in with DiRT Showdown. This arcade entry into the DiRT series sounds like it could be something wonderful.

Taking a look at the community articles, the week began with Miffi-Lou’s interview in Meet the Reader. Fans of Saints Row 3 can leave their comments for this week’s WeView, or you could take a look at the verdict for Limbo. Jim re-visited 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand for Playback, and there’s also What We Played #43 to cast your eye over. Lastly you can grab Episode 54 of the Podcast, although it’s sadly missing Peter (although you do get Dan instead).

Moving on now to the forums, lets see what’s been happening this week.

Well first things first, a little bit of a public service announcement. The Podcast gang are looking for a new segment, and Kev has asked in the forum for people to send in their best suggestions. I for one hope they can get Moira Stewart to read out the news.

Remember, you need to be signed into TSA to view General Chat.

In the Prime versus Prime battle that took place last week, Optimus thrashed Liberty 11-1. For this week, Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect trilogy will be going up against Optimus Prime. Does he stand a chance?

Commander Shepard


  • Highly versatile with a wide range of abilities.
  • Commander of the SSV Normandy.
  • Often manages to win a fight just with dialogue choices.


  • He’s just a human and has to fight various creatures from the Universe.
  • Too interested in romancing people to focus on the problem at hand.
  • Both emotionally and physically scarred.

Optimus Prime


  • Leader of the Autobots, the most badass assembly of robots ever known.
  • Drives round with an armoured weapons platform, just in case something goes down.
  • Will never surrender to the Decepticons.


  • Attempts to surreptitiously conceal himself as a massive red and blue truck, because you see loads of those everyday, right?
  • Often trusts those he should not, ‘seeing the good in everyone’.
  • Goes through loads of WD-40.

Remember to vote below in the comments for who will win. I’d also quickly like to thank Blair for giving me a hand with info for Shepard. So, until next week, bye!

-As per usual, Gazzagb put together the round-up for this week.



  1. Blair’s info on Shepard seems to be slightly off. Shepard’s a woman.


    • Depends on the day of the week, I suppose. :P

  2. Sheperd will win, but only because optimus has such a soft spot for humans. Alas it was his greatest weakness.

    • took the words out my mouth sheperd

  3. The return of GT5!

    • With a vengeance and renewed vigour! ;)
      A comp/tourny is overdue….wheels are in motion ;)

  4. I think Shepard’s dialogue would actually win this :P As berzerka said, Prime just refuses to kill humans

  5. Shepard hands down… Optimus is a lover not a fighter ha

  6. I’m sure with the current price for scrap metal,
    he can weigh him in after the fight and get
    some upgrades for the Normandy

  7. Prime again.

  8. Prime for me

  9. i discovered something about the eu ps blog yesterday.

    when the “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” thing comes up, you can see your post but nobody else can.
    that’s how they’re stopping anybody from seeing my comments about their dickish refusal to refund my money for those pick and mix minis.

    it make me wonder, what other stuff are we not finding out about?

    how many other people are getting screwed out of content and nobody know about it because scee are fascist scumbags?

    look at the ones that do get through about people waiting months for refunds or months waiting for codes for games.
    you know, if it was easier, i might almost be tempted into piracy.
    hell, they stole from me.

    i did say almost.
    unlike them, i’m not scum, and unlike them, i probably wouldn’t get away with it.

    but i can promise you this, i’ve bought my last ever new game for a sony platform.

    if you wanna know what they’re doing wrong, see number 11.

    lastly, Prime.

    a towering alien robot with twin energon swords and a built in blaster rifle.
    against a human woman, because Shepard’s not a man, at least in my game she wasn’t.

    little bit one sided if you ask me.
    stick her in one of those mech things and she might stand a chance, but still prime.

    • Oh…..

      Shephard. Even though he’s a woman.

      • giant alien robot.
        squishy human.

        and you went for the squishy human? o_O

        i just thought of another reason, a spare tyre on prime would be a good thing, not so on Shepard. ^_^

    • Wow, that really, really sucks. I’m rather surprised that SCEE are trying to brush it under the carpet like this. Very poor show.

    • Hazelam, I regularly see your comments on the EU Blog.
      Quite a lot of them, actually.

      • did you see any yesterday?
        in the weekend debate article, i posted a few, only one showed up.

        there were like half a dozen, i could see them, but when i viewed the page in another browser all the posts of mine that had the awaiting moderation thing were not there.

        and on the store update bit, i asked about why eu plus subscribers don’t get the trial of mass effect 3 like the us does, and if it’s down to the publisher, why we don’t have trials for the god of war games and infamous 2.
        and about my refund.

        i only figured it out when i viewed the blog on a computer round my mum’s that i haven’t signed in to.

        i just know there’s gonna be a ton of stuff they’re keeping out of sight this way.

      • Hmm..
        I see.
        On the one hand, you might just be falling victim to spam filters, I saw about 10 from you on the heads-up.

        But only one on the weekend debate (I had to check, never really bother with that post)?
        You say you did at least 6?
        There might be something nefarious happening there.

        Try going to Sony Playstation Ireland.
        They were really helpful when I had a problem with Borderlands.
        Drop them an e-mail, they might help even if you’re not from Ireland.

    • apparently pointing out the laws scee have to obey is against the law on the blog now.
      this is what i posted.

      “why don’t we have the mass effect 3 trial for eu plus subscribers?
      yeah ask the publisher you’ll say.
      to which i’ll say what about the god of war games, and infamous 2.
      where are those?
      i’m asking the publisher.
      and i’m asking, no TELLING you .
      those minis were broken, no fraudulent attempt to change the description after the fact will change that fact.
      you’re breaking the law by refusing to give me a refund. ly/sogahome/sogaexplained
      you see that, the dot gov dot uk thing, that means it’s the government of the uk.
      you can ignore me but you better not ignore them.
      or THE LAW”

      but this is what everybody else sees, after it was moderated obviously.
      “Comment removed in accordance with the Comments Policy

      the sad thing, that link actually went to some piece from 2009 about topatoi being released, until i pointed out their failure, something i seem to be good at. ^_^

      if i was swearing and that, they could have cause, i know, that’s something i will do at times, but not on the blog, i’ll never give them that excuse, not that they’re even bothering with an excuse now, they’re just blatantly censoring me.
      but the fact is they’re just covering up the fact they’re breaking the law by refusing to give me my statutory rights.

      • quick update, i checked my email.
        there was one from yesterday.

        “Thanks for your e-mail about PlayStation [PRODUCT].

        We’ve received your e-mail and are looking into the matter for you. One of our team will be in touch with you shortly to discuss it with you further.”

        you know when i compared them to enron, forget that, they dream of only being as useless as enron.

      • they’re still giving me the bloody runaround.

        new email from this morning.

        “Thanks for your e-mail about your Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account.

        I have passed your details on to our PlayStation Network team and we’ll be in touch with you again soon with more information.”

        seriously, this is obtuseness on an industrial scale.

        they keep dragging their feet like this they’ll wear them down to the knee by the end of the month.

      • don’t you keep bloody ignoring me james.
        the company you work for sold me games that even they’re able to realise are broken, and on the repeated attempts to get my money back, your support staff keep giving me the runaround.
        this with the fascist censorship on the blog, when i’m only pointing out the law that your company has to obey, is just disgusting.
        just give me my money back and then it’ll be over, frankly i’ve had about all i can stomach of this company, and it’s staff.
        of course i know you’ll ignore this, and nobody but you and me will ever see it.
        the worst part of this, you keeping the truth about this company from all your other customers.
        censoring and ignoring me is one thing, but that?
        that is, well there’ just aren’t words to describe how i feel about that, not unless i want to give you the excuse you’ve been looking for to ban me.
        why bother waiting for an excuse anyway?
        you don’t let breaking the law bother you, why would you care about your own rules?
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        my latest blog post, you probably wont see it on the blog, but you’re seeing it here.

  10. Prime will crush shepherd. Tragic, but true. AUTOBOTS FTW!

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