Community Round-Up: 27/10/12

So, it’s the last weekend before Halloween, and that means it’s time to break out the scariest possible thing we can come up with… Maybe not scary, but it’ll make your eyes bleed, because Steven’s back to write this week’s round-up.

Good luck!

It’s nearly Halloween, folks, and Benedict the Bearded, He Who is Afraid of Spiders and Sir Cowboy Hat of the Pink are having a party. Benedict is dressed as a normal shoe, Spider dressed as Spiderman and cowboy hat is a cowbell? Oh great, it’s going to be a repeat of the Christmas party again, isn’t it?

There’s a Meccano competition that is being ran by bearded hippy shoes but I doubt you are interested in that. But if you are, just leave a comment or tweet before the end of tomorrow. The winner will be selected by how much likes you.

If you’re wondering about the F1 results post, which have been missing for the last week, unfortunately Death_in_Flamez has been suffering with computer issues for several days, but rest assured that it will finally be going live later today! – Tef

Oh, and the resident cowgirl hat wearing chocolate addict announced the winner of the Vita comp, so you can stop entering now. No I mean it, please stop.

If you stalk Tef or Adam, you may discover that we have some comps being baked in our top secret lab located just north of TSA towers.

OK, so Steven didn’t even write this bit… – Tef

Really rather quiet this week, but I’m sure this is a hiccup, considering how last night saw an absolutely jam packed Red Dead Redemption meet. It seems pretty popular, so maybe it’ll pop up again?

Tomorrow sees the usual DiRT Showdown meet starting at 6pm, hosted by R1MJAW, while Monday sees Forrest hosting the Max Payne 3 meet at 9pm.

Tuesday sees Motalla bringing a Dead of Alive 5 meet at 7PM, then there’s the second DiRT Showdown meet takes place on Tuesday at 8pm, hosted by Forrest. Finally, it’s Forrest yet again, as he’s hosting Thursday’s Ridge Racer Unbound meet at 9pm.

Keep checking back for any other Meets or create your own gaming get-together provided you have at least 250 TSA Points.

Anyway, it’s time for features and no, I’m not talking about Bunimomike’s weekly “sit on my lap and receive a gift” feature.

There were only three reviews this week. Al showed us his review of Super Monkey Ball for the Vita and Arran reviewed Of Orcs and Men, whilst Blair kicked back and dreamt about how awesome a Pokémon radar would be. Then he reviewed Pokémon Dream Radar, which was rubbish. That explains why they’ve been sitting around do naff all in the office all week!

Time for some previews! Kris nearly wet himself when we told him he could do a preview for Halo 4. Al got into his F1 car, well a red cardboard box shaped like a F1 car, and gave us a preview of F1 Race Stars. Then Kris decided to hijack the rest of the previews and told us about that emo… [Seems Steven’s a bit bitter about this one – Tef] told us about that DMC game. And he asked us if we remember Commandos whilst going commando, before he told us about Company of Heroes 2.

We found out what you horrible/lovely lot thought of Wipeout 2048 in this week’s Weview Verdict, not the TV show called Total Wipeout. I could tell you the result but then I would have to feed you to GTOWN. Ahem, where was I? Oh yes, this week’s Weview included some Twisted Metal.

Tef chronicled the events that happened in the community and was disappointed that he received no pictures. Although I did send a picture of me doing the windmill whilst standing in front of my gaming rig. Did Adam just bite a sausage off the ice statue of Val Kilmer!? Is Spiderboy doing the forbidden dance with a pair of melons? I didn’t order any melons for the party.

Oh, to finish off there is the weekly episode of the “Winding Kris Up” Podcast, as well as What We Played and Tuffcub’s Trailer Park.

Let’s see what’s been happening in the zoo forums.

Be careful when exploring the General Chat forum, as it’s B-mike’s time of the year again.

The Showdown is still taking a break, and Tef has threatened to shove a spiked toe-shoe up me if I include it.

The party seems to have gone a bit quieter. Is it finished? Why is Gaz’s head shoved into somewhere NFSW on the ice statue? Why does Tef have a punch bowl on his head and Adam is covered in cake? I’m outta here as I suspect they will blame me for throwing a party that resulted in this.

I’ll see you lot at Christmas, if Tef allows me.

Yeah, the jury’s out on that one. I’m surprised you managed to make it this far, though I’m sure that has a lot to do with me liberally deleting some of Steven’s ramblings.

Normal service should be resumed next week. Have a happy Halloween!



  1. That other TSA meet on Tuesday that as of yet not has been authorised? Would you be so kind?

    • Done.

      • And I’ve added it to the post above. Sorry, I forgot to ping for an approval in the midst of my mini-breakdown during the editing… ;)

  2. Pure insanity……but I love it

  3. Office LOL.

    • You are easily amused aren’t you Al? :o

  4. Classic.

  5. You mean i’ve been missing out on free gifts and all I have to do is sit on Bunimomike’s lap?
    If i’d of known about that before,i’d of signed up to TSA years ago.;)

    • Yes. Disclaimer:TSA is not legally responsible for any nightmares,mental scars,smelling of Welsh people, kidnappings, getting locked up in what he calls the Mikecave, you know what this list is too big so i’ll stop it here. :O We tend to sacrifice Origami to him once a month to avoid him doing you know what to everyone on the site. T-T

  6. Trying to recap here, so “Benedict the bearded” is Tef, “Sir Pink cowboy hat” is AG, dare I ask who might be “Spider Boy” ? *Need some recreationals to keep up* :P

  7. What’s going on with the annual “Give Steven a prize” awards? We still having them?

    • I was looking forward to Dexter’s annual visit to the forums! He’s never on anymore :(

    • I thought you had kidnapped him GTOWN? I’m assuming Adam will do it this year. *dusts off the old monkey outfit* If no-one does it, can we assume i won all of the awards again? ;)

      I swear Dexter has abandoned TSA as it’s been months since we last saw an article from him. That breakup with the Elder must have hit him really hard. :O

  8. I’ve currently got a bag full of Wilson volleyballs that I’m naming after people on my PSN list, gonna pop some headsets on them and have a Borderlands 2 meet…..

  9. I see the bearded person who is scared shitless of normal shoes and loves his toeshoes in that way has gotten rid of some jokes. Will post the unrated, unedited and generally not to be viewed by anyone version in the forums. :) Oh and Origami does the char char like a little girl. :p The reason why i didn’t do the showdown is because i was nearing the limit and didn’t fancy getting a frozen toeshoe stuck up my arse(again T-T). That and i felt it needed two weeks off. Was going to do Classic Bond versus Modern Bond(they’ve been in games so it counts) and would have included Pussy Golare(it’s a character!) as a pro for the classic one.

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