Review of the Year 2012: May

Review of the Year May
May is a good month. It’s not the best in terms of games, but after the exam period of University I get to return home and catch up on all of the games released earlier in the year that I haven’t had a chance to play, while the sun becomes extremely warm outside as it realises spring is becoming summer.

There were several good releases in May, a couple of which were largely forgotten due to everyone either being outside in the sunny weather or still catching up on February, March and April’s games.

Perhaps the biggest release of May – and one that wasn’t forgotten as quick as others – was Max Payne 3, Rockstar’s sequel to, you guessed it, Max Payne 2. Alex described it as “overall a wonderful slice of gaming” in his review, stating that it “takes the third person genre about as far as it can go”. Some great praise, then, backing up his 9/10 score. It currently has a rating of 87 on Metacritic too, with only a couple of ‘mixed’ reviews so it was a very well received game.


May also saw the release of the long awaited PlayStation Move title Sorcery – this did wonders for the control system, proving that it could do much more than Kinect with its blend of standard third person controls and precise motion controlled gestures. It was a fun game, which I quite enjoyed, scoring it a 7/10 in our review and concluding that whilst it’s not without flaws, it manages to be a great game for those who want a good use for their PlayStation Move peripherals. It seems I was spot on with the score, as it currently sits at 70 on Metacritic.

Let’s not forget the other games that released in May – Sniper Elite V2, Starhawk, Game of Thrones (actually, let’s forget that), Diablo III, Dragon’s Dogma, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Resistance: Burning Skies on the retail side of things, along with Fable: Heroes, Datura, Velocity and Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition in the downloadable marketplaces.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock also released and requesting to review the game was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. It’s my Worst Game of the Year and a completely broken mess which I couldn’t award anything over 2/10 in our review – most critics seem to agree, as it sits at a score of 39 on Metacritic.

May was quite a good month for games, then – there was certainly enough to keep you happy over the summer months but the month also spawned what I consider our best guest piece ever and certainly one of the best article’s I’ve seen on TSA this year, in the form of rht992’s piece on gaming addiction. It gave us a wonderfully lengthy insight into some very personal stuff, which is just as relevant now as it was half a year ago – go and give it a read if you missed it.

We got our first Black Ops II trailer near the start of May, which looked crazy and fun – a perfect way to describe the now-released game. The Elder Scrolls Online was then announced, which was some very exciting stuff. The Portal 2 map editor DLC released, which added a really great aspect to the game, becoming very popular quite quickly.

The usual lot of release dates, announcements of games people weren’t excited about, delays (of which there were many) and various other rumours permeated the month of May. Oh, and Peter posted one of the funniest news titles of the month – he’s good like that.

E3 rumours and leaks were rife as it was the month before E3, this kicked off with some Wii U games being leaked. Dead Space 3 was also confirmed a bit early, with lots of info subsequently leaking. LEGO Lord of the Rings was also leaked. An image of a redesigned Wii U GamePad was uploaded by a developer and there were many other tidbits of information as the month came to a close.

Peter did a lovely round up of what we hoped to see from PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita at E3, which summarised all of these rumours so I didn’t have to seven months later. Thanks, Pete!



  1. Max Payne 3 does have some flaws such as Max not using great metaphors as he did in the first game and lacked replayability but still is an excellent game. Just needed a bit of tweaks. Forgot about the rest of the games that were out in May. Rumour has it that Blair was found covered in a Dr Who poster in London after he had finished the written and currently owes every pub in Scotland £1million. :O

  2. Really enjoying the monthly catch-ups, guys. A lovely way to recap the year with a heavy slant on our beloved gaming. :-)

  3. Max Payne 3 is my most disappointing of the year. Don’t get my wrong i thought it was a good game but as a fan of Max payne 1 and 2 it just didn’t live up to my expectations.

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