Community Round-Up: 08/06/13

There’s just two days until this year’s E3 kicks off, and I don’t think anyone has a reason not to be excited for it – although I’m not overly enthusiastic for Sony’s 2am conference! Anyway, while there’s been an abundant stream of E3 related news, TSA’s kept up its usual features which we’ll try to cover in this weeks Community Round-Up!

Last week, the Community Team launched TSA’s E3 Bingo for this year. You’ve got until 11:59pm tomorrow (Sunday 9th June) to select your 12 options from a list of 88. We’ve also added a twist in that certain options carry a greater points rating, all dependent on how likely we think they are to appear.

The Velocity Ultra Art Competition closed yesterday, and the results should be posted up on TSA at some point in the near future, once the winner has been decided.

Looking at the Meets, right now we’ve only got Manorhowze’s Grid 2 meet at 4pm tomorrow. You can probably expect your usual Gran Turismo 5 meet to take place on Monday at 7pm, while Forrest will probably return with the weekly Battlefield: Bad Company 1 meet on Friday night.

If none of these Meets appeal to you, why not set up your own Meet? It only takes a few seconds, just make sure you have 250 TSA points for you to be able to do so.


We had three massive Reviews this week on TSA, and I really do mean massive. Starting off with one of this year’s most anticipated games, The Last of Us received an amazing 10/10 from Alex, which is pretty much in line with what other critics have been saying about the game, as it sits happily on Metacritic with an incredibly impressive score of 96. Another highly anticipated game was Metro: Last Light, and the survival shooter received a solid 8/10 from Aran. Lastly, Capcom’s Remember Me also received an 8/10 review rating, this time from Peter.

Meanwhile, not wanting to be outdone by his fellow colleagues, Teflon got his hands on another one of 2013’s biggest games; FIFA 14 in his preview which is well worth a read if you’re a fan of the behemoth series. He also snuck in with a look at how The Last of Us is grounded in reality, as Al revealed some of the multiplayer details, which online gaming fans might be curious to see.

Taking a look at the Community articles now, and Person678 showed off his powerful PC in the gaming rigs for the Chronicle. Turning to WeView, the Verdict for Black Ops 2 resulted in five ‘Buy It’ votes, while Metro 2033 becomes the new focus for you all, tying in with the sequel’s review.

Indie Focus took a look at The Swapper, which is a mysterious platform/puzzle game, as explained by Gamoc. Aran’s Matter of Perspective Series continued, this time with the Mass Effect series, meanwhile Jim’s ongoing Defiance review also continued.

Peter discussed the Xbox One in relation to George Orwell’s 1984, and while the Podcast took another week off from regular duty, there’s a special pre-E3 show which went up last night, as Peter, Alex and Kris jet off to E3. Finishing things off, Greg has What We Played #108 for you to see what everyone’s been playing this week.

There haven’t been many new threads in the forums this week, but there’s been still plenty of discussion going on. So dive in and enjoy some continuing discussions, or support the forum equivalent of new IPs, with the following threads:

And that’s this week’s round-up completed once again. E3 is so close now, I can barely hold my excitement. As a massive COD fan, I think seeing gameplay for the new game, Ghosts, is probably what I’m most excited for, right now.

I’ll see you next week, but why don’t you let me know what you’re looking forward from E3 in the comments below?


Gazzagb wrote this article, revealing his baffling lack of excitement for the timing of Sony’s E3 conference! Assemble the (late night) mob!



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