Activision Releases Teaser For CoD Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal

Next Thursday Infinity Ward will finally show some competitive online gameplay for upcoming shooter, Call of Duty Ghosts. With six days to go, the developer has launched this rather mediocre teaser.

The half-minute video shows nothing but satellite images, highlighting various countries across the globe, tagging them with dates and what look like navigational co-ordinates.

There may be a code or some sort of message hidden away in the numbers, but at the moment we’re none the wiser.

With that said, it’s hard to imagine Infinity Ward flipping its existing, genre-leading multiplayer on its head. So, expect big guns, a beguiling array of attachments, and legions of pre-pubescent hotshots who have apparently slept with your mother.



  1. *crickets*

  2. Okay this is what i got out of that trailer
    -10 locations across the globe
    -The first initial trailer will be on the 14th Aug
    -Each location will have its own personal trailer either multiplayer/campaign

    • It was also noted that the first location shown dated the 14th of Aug which they said at the end of the trailer that all will be revealed.

      • It is the dates of when you can get your hands on the Multiplayer, because in the video when it goes to Sydney, Australia, 4th of October, that is the date when the EB Games Expo starts and it has been confirmed by EB Games that you will be able to play the Multiplayer of CoD Ghosts at the expo!!!

    • Think it’s hands-on dates as mentioned – the UK date is the Eurogamer Expo.

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