PlayStation Store Update 08/01/14 – Don’t Starve, The Raven And King Oddball

The first PS Store update of the year, and it brings some new content for PS4 owners, as Don’t Starve is today’s headline release. It’s free for those with PS+, but if you don’t have that you can get the game for £11.99/€13.99.

The PS3 sees a little more action, with a few bundles of Rockstar’s PS2 and PSP games for £5.29/€6.59 or £6.49/€7.99, alongside MotoGP 13 Compact seeing its PS3 release for £11.99/€14.99 and The Raven – Legacy of a Masterthief at £19.99/€29.99. Australia and New Zealand also get the rather region specific AFL Live 2 for $49.95.

There’s a new bundle for the PS Vita too, with Furmins and Stardrone slapped together for £7.29/€8.99. Mahjong World Contest arrives for £3.99/€4.99, while King Oddball Ends the World appears to be an absolutely mental Angry Birds-like game for £3.69/€3.99. The music in the trailer is quite catchy.

PS Mobile sees the releases of Sola Night for 79p/99c, Sola Weather at 40p/49c, Tiki Rush for £2.19/€2.79 and Fleet Connection for free. There’s also another pair of free PS Mobile games being given away, with Bike Rider DX and Rock Boshers DX giving you all the DX you could possibly handle.

The Illustrious Pirates Pack sounds like a suitably fabulous and flamboyant bit of DLC for Assassin’s Creed IV, at £5.49/€6.99 on PS3 or £5.99/€6.99 on PS4. LittleBigPlanet is also getting the second instalment of DC Comics costumes, in amongst the usual smattering of DLC.

Finally, the January Sale has had a few more games added, with DuckTales Remastered, Splinter Cell Blacklist, DRIVER San Francisco, Far Cry 3 and Rayman Legends all getting discounts until the 22nd. Just don’t forget to buy Ni no Kuni while it’s still on offer!



  1. Just the LBP2 DLC and Don’t Starve for me. I noticed a couple of DLC packs for Lego Marvel…I got one as a pre-order but might pick the other one up if it becomes available on PS4 (it’s currently only showing for PS3).

  2. Been messing around on don’t starve a bit, really good fun – perma death sucks though hehe :)

  3. Just Don’t Starve for me this week.

  4. Ducktales not cheap enough unfortunately. Will get LCS & VCS bundle to complete my PS2 GTA collection though. When is AC Liberation HD out?

    • Monday according to PSN. Pre-order and save £4!

      I’m not sure about getting it personally as I only got the Vita version at Christmas. If it’s cross-play then I’ll definitely grab it, otherwise I’ll wait until it drops in price.

  5. Don’t Starve for me.

    Enough because of the number of unplayed games I own and guilty conscience for buying a PS4 and a Vita so closed together.

  6. I used the ole Sony iPhone App to wake my PS4 up at home to start downloading Don’t Starve. Hopefully it’ll be sat there ready to be played but I have a horrible feeling its gonna get ignored as I’m envisioning going home via the pub for a quick beer and burger then a session on BF4.

    • Its only 380 odd MB mate not a big download at all.

  7. Ducktales, Dokuro and for a couple of quid I’m going to go for Girl Fight so that when I’m next drunken and disorderly, I can laugh at this game until I cry

  8. Got Ni no kuni, even though I have the disc version. Will save me getting of me arse to swap discs when I finally get to play it….

  9. Anyone know if it’s possible to get these free ps+ games (PS4 one’s, Contrast ,Resogun, Don’t Starve) through my PS3? By that, I mean like when you can click on ‘download game’ then cancel the download for a later date, like you can for the PS3 games.
    The reason for this silly question is that I’m not a PS4 owner yet, but don’t want to miss-out on these great freebies for when I finally get my lovely black-box of delight.

    • Can’t you dot hat on the web store? You should be able to, I remember doin that for Contrast and Resogun before ps4 launched here last month.

    • Just get them through the web store and download them when you get you PS4

      • Cheers for the replies guys.
        Never used the web store, only the PS3 store. I’ll have a go on me phone ;)

    • The smartphone app takes you to the mobile store (at least on Android) but it’s not that fast for me. Just use the webstore, much easier :D

  10. *do that, *doing. One should never type and submit on an iPad.

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