PlayStation Store Update 22/01/14: OlliOlli, Dragon Ball Z & Oddworld

This week’s store update is far more substantial than the one game release last week, but it’s still not the massive update we’re used to. It does bring some nice goodies though, and one particular game which may please PS Vita owners.


That’s OlliOlli, arguably the headline act of the update. It’s available for £7.99 (or £6.39 with PS+). We scored it 7/10 in our review, and it’s probably worth that much if you like the look of it.

Next there’s a game that my ten year old self might have loved, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. It’s got a bit of a silly name and the PS3 version will set you back £44.99, while the PS Vita download is just £29.99.

Elsewhere on PS3, there’s Forest Legends: The Call of Love at £11.99, Grid 2 Reloaded for £39.99, Guacamelee! Bundle Fantástico for £13.99 (but the base game is still free on PS+) and the Oddworld Abeboxx, which includes PS1 classics Oddysee and Exoddus for just £4.99.

There’s a Thriller Chiller Bundle which appears to include Twisted Lands: Shadow Town and Mountain Crime: Requital for £15.99 and Zombeer for £11.99, which has an interesting description.

You don’t know what time it is, the phone rings, you wake up in the Mexican bar “Guys in Thongs”, and your girlfriend’s on the phone threatening have a few drinks with the University Chancellor. You notice a bite on your arm that looks really bad, and something smells even worse than your beer-breath: the Chancellor is after your girl!

Naturally, it doesn’t look very exciting.

There’s a demo for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and also some new skins and voices for Killzone Shadow Fall, because who doesn’t love those? Along with that comes some more LittleBigPlanet DC DLC including Catwoman, Green Lantern and Aquaman.

As per usual, there’s a shed load of DLC, and you can see the full list over on the PS Blog.



  1. I’m more excited by the confirmation of the next PS+ titles.
    Those rumours from earlier on were spot on!

    (DW: Next, Bioshock Infinite, Metro:LL & ModNation)

    • Good for there then. I should imagine full uncovering on Friday.

    • That is effing awesome, so glad i made the decision to go plus!

  2. It’ll be interesting to see what the Lightning Returns demo is like.

    Anyone know if there’s any special content in the Guacamelee bundle that can’t be purchased separately? I love that game.

  3. I posted in the review from yesterday, but you were spot on about the bugs. OlliOlli constantly crashes back to the UI home screen, haven’t managed to play for more than 5 minutes without it doing so.

    Pretty poor.

    • * the game is great fun (when it works) though

      but seriously, play testing?

      • I played it for about an hour and had no crashes whatsoever, it must be entirely random.

      • Yeah once I got off the first amateur stage I’ve not had any problems since either R1MJAW. Patch incoming soon anyway :)

  4. So another week of absolutely bugger all of interest then? Must be January or something.

    Ok, so there’s a demo of Lightning Returns, but that’s about it. The big release this week is some terrible looking Vita game?

    Still, must be PS+ time next week. Or will that be the week after? It’s been the last Wednesday of the month for a while now, so hopefully…

  5. Nothing again for PS4 .. sigh .. you know what – it doesn’t matter as i’ve slipped down a very deep well .. by the name of Minecraft. Never played it before but jeez it was difficult to turn it off last night and go to bed. Spent three hours building a home – and that was just in the tutorial area! :)

  6. the Oddworld games are almost worth buying just for being able to make Abe fart on command.
    being great games as well is something of a bonus. ^_^

    and three, or four, hidden object/puzzle games that would be 99p on iOS.

    tempted by Olliolli, but i’d need a demo before buying.

    i got the Lightning’s Return demo off the US store this morning so nothing for me today.

    the demo was pretty cool though, i like the new combat system.
    i don’t like the fact Lightning doesn’t heal after fights and you can only seem to carry five restorative items.

    i can understand why they might only allow so many during battle, but even in the field you still have the same amount, use one in the field and it’s no longer there for a battle.
    and there doesn’t seem to be any other way to heal, one of the schemata, costumes, has a mediguard move that guards and heals at the same time, but it doesn’t heal enough.

    maybe with grinding you can level up.

    i still want to get the game, i love the combat system, it’s just some of the other stuff i’m not sure about.

    but i’ve played much worse than that so. ^_^

    anyway, the store update, like i said, probably nothing for me, if anything it’ll be the Oddworld games.

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