What We Played #157: Sparkle 2, Transistor & Wolfenstein

A little over three years ago, we were all rejoicing in the return of the PSN after that outage and here at TSA we took a look at how we’d kept our thumbs busy during that time. Aside from a few weeks off for good behaviour, I’ve been here every week since letting you know what the team’s been playing.

To celebrate WWP’s third anniversary (and not simply because it’s late and I’m knackered, honest guv. *wink*) I’ll let the team speak for themselves this week. Kicking things off is Aran:

This week I played Sparkle 2 and NBA 2K14. I reviewed the first title and gave it a 7, due to the PS4 touchpad control not being quite accurate enough and repeating stages.

In NBA 2K14 I demanded a trade from the Phoenix Suns due to their poor record and that they wouldn’t put me in the starting line up despite have an average of 34 points a game. I got picked up by the 76ers and we’re on a winning run.

And as for the robustly non-stick Stefan:


I’ve basically only had time for Transistor on the weekend, which was simply phenomenal, and then Driveclub early in the week. That trip was pretty cool, getting a really open behind-the-scenes look at the game.

You should read the words I wrote about them both!

DanToo, who I think we can promote to simply Dan by now, still sounds like he’s playing a few too many games for someone who should be busy with exams.

Not a lot from me this week as I’m still playing the exams game which really isn’t fun at all!

It’s the usual account though. I got scared on Outlast and rage quit because I was too frightened. I managed to play a handful of matches online on Call of Duty Ghosts which was great, becasue with my terrible internet I’ve been battling it out against bots for most of the week, which gets quite boring.

I’ve just pre-ordered Watch Dogs this morning too. I traded in Killzone: Shadow Fall (despite being pretty, it was nowhere near as good as 2 and 3), Rayman Legends (again not as good as Origins) and Battlefield 4 (too many connection woes) to cover the cost. Just hoping it will be as good as it sounds!

And somehow Dom is still finding time for gaming between shifts behind the bar in his pub, which sounds like the ideal location for the next TSA Beerio Kart Championship:

This week I’ve been mostly trying to tackle my backlog of games, so I’ve been playing Child Of Light on PS4 which is fantastic – the combat reminds me of Grandia 2 on the Dreamcast, which I loved – as well as Dirt Showdown and Uncharted 3 on PS3. I’m finally getting into Uncharted 3, after a couple of really good chapters I’m getting towards the finale, and while it’s not as good as Uncharted 2 it’s definitely a lot better than any number of other games!

Rounding things out this week is TSA’s resident old-timer, Peter:

I played Wolfenstein: The New Order for review. I really enjoyed it, even though it could do with a bit more polish in places. It’s a nice, speedy shooter with lovely crunchy shotguns which carries on the id Software lineage nicely.

I also played loads of FTL on iPad. I still can’t beat the final boss, even on the easiest difficulty setting, but I love the sci-fi setting and the way the systems are so well designed to work with each other.

What have you played this week?



  1. An all PS4 week for a change – Wolfenstein, Ghosts and Battlefield4.

    I’m enjoying Wolfenstein, may not look the greatest but plays well and has been a satisfying experience so far, just wish I didn’t suck at stealth so much!

    Resorted to Battlefield when Ghosts had its connection issue midweek and was pleasantly surprised, the new servers might just have done the trick. I’ll have to give it a few more goes over the coming weeks and see if it can redeem itself…

  2. Mostly Trials again. Got platinum medals for the first set of hard levels and gold medals for the first 3 extreme levels.
    Went back and got 100% trophies for Octodad.
    Played through Stick it to the Man and also 100%ed that.
    Finally got my platinum for Terraria on PS3.

  3. This week I got the platinum on Amazing Spider-man 2 on PS4 and I played a bit of trials again,but I really do suck at it!
    On the PS3 I started Metro Last Light,which I’m enjoying and I went back to Ni No Kuni and I’m still in love with it,so I’ll be playing that until Watch Dogs next week :)

  4. Bit of MGS: Ground Zeroes and Don’t Starve. Don’t Starve is strangely addictive.

  5. Transistor, such a beautiful game both visually and audio-wise. And it even plays well too!

    Continued my journey through Pokemon Heart Gold, still holds up well today on the 3DS.

    Played some Metroid Prime on Wii (U), Icebreaker on android and Picross on 3DS.

    Oh, and I just got back into MGS2 on the Vita, I want to finish 2,3 and 4 in time for 5.

  6. Yet another week of F all. Been about 6 weeks now. That should all change very soon though as Amazon have shipped my copy of Watch Dogs. Yay! What are the chances of the campaign lasting until either AC:Unity, Alien, Arkham Knight or Far Cry 4?!! Lol!!

  7. Three years? Bloody hell. Three years ago I was 25, had no grey hairs and all the time in the world, huh. Just Rayman Origins for me this week, the last few levels were excruciating but satisfying, who’d ve though I’d enjoy precision platforming? Gonna try to borrow a mates ps4 next week, Killzone and Assassins Creed here I come.

  8. This week a bit of everything for me Peggle 2 Zen 2 and Sparkle 2 a bit of Battlefield 4 and Cod Ghosts also a bit of Tomb Raider DE + Wolvenstein and a little Super Mario U,and next week a bit of Mario Kart 8 and Watch Dogs to come ;)

  9. Finished off Hotline Miami this week – fun little game, got a bit frustrated with it towards the end though.

    Decided to pick up Tomb Raider (1996) off the PSN marketplace as it was hard to say no to the £2.99 price tag. Really enjoying playing through it again. The Vita’s screen means it doesn’t look terrible either ;)

  10. In between trying to get an opportunity to avail of the brief summer and get the garden done, i stopped playing Minecraft – and watched Minecraft videos online instead.
    Also had a good run at Titan Attacks and a quick blast of Super Stardust.

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