Sony Responds To Fans: Freedom Wars Now Getting EU Retail Release

Well, here’s a nice little U-turn for PlayStation Vita fans. When it was announced three weeks ago that action RPG, Freedom Wars, would launch as a digital-only title in Europe, fans weren’t too happy.


On one hand we had collectors who would sorely miss an addition to their physical libraries while others (including myself) moaned about the criminally-overpriced Vita memory cards. To makes things worse, across the pond, Sony had assured US gamers that Freedom Wars would hit retail.

Luckily, Sony has been listening to fans through sites, forums, and social media, announcing today that Freedom Wars will see a physical launch in the EU. It will be released on day one alongside its digital counterpart.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. That trailer looks suitably incomprehensible.

    I’m in.

  2. I was planning on buying it digitally (duh!), but now I almost feel pressured into getting it on cartridge.

  3. I might get it, only reason I’m doubting is because it looks like soul sacrifice. I thought I would never get tired of soul sacrifice. But after finishing the story it got boring quickly…afraid same will happen with this game

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