Driveclub’s Plans For DLC Revealed – Updated

Update: Paul Rustchynsky has seemingly answered some of the questions on peoples’ lips. In response to questions about what of this DLC gamers with the PS+ version of the game can use, he said:


This indicates that you won’t be able to buy the post-launch DLC for the PS+ version of the game without first upgrading to the full game. However, while you won’t get any new cars, you will see a new track or two for the India location.

Speaking of which:

The original post follows.

Driveclub’s going to be burning digital rubber on PlayStation 4s the world over on October 8th, but part of Evo’s pitch was always that the game would be seeing a strong level of post-release support, in order to keep people invested in the game and racing with one another.

With that in mind, they’ve announced that in addition to striving to add in more weather effects and a photo mode, there’s plenty of DLC planned for the game, starting off in November 2014 and continuing through until June 2015. The base game will start off with 50 cars and 55 variations of the 25 tracks, but this will be augmented that selection, whether you pay for DLC or not.

Naturally, you’ll get more content when you pay, to the tune of 38 extra cars, 176 extra single player events and 80 liveries, but even if you just want the freebies, there’s an additional 11 free tracks and 9 free cars to race with. Though you’ll be able to buy content individually, grabbing the whole lot would se you back €75.84, compared to the €24.99 of the season pass (which we can probably assume comes to £19.99).

DriveClub DLC

What’s not entirely clear is how all of this ties into the PS+ version of the game. That features 11 variations of the Indian tracks and 10 cars, but you can either step up to the full game or buy individual packs from the main game. Presumably what’s free is free for everyone, and the DLC  can be bought separately or as a rather economical way to drip feed a lot of additional content into the PS+ edition via the season pass.

We’ll double check with Sony to be sure, though.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Great news but I wouldn’t say November 2014 until June 2015 is a year.

    • I did notice that, but forgot to change that paragraph. I’ll do that now.

  2. I’m really torn, I don’t know whether to pre-order DriveClub and get the season pass, or just get the free PS+ version and get Project CARS in November.

    • Well surely the obvious path then is to play the PS+ edition for free, then decide whether you want the full game or not, and go from there.

      • Wise words, but if I was sure that Project CARS wasn’t for me then I’d probably just go all in for DriveClub day 1.

        Bit concerned that CARS might be too much of a sim for me, and I’m not 100% sold on the ‘club’ features of DC. Time will tell.

    • Project CARS is multiplatform and has to also cater for inferior spec consoles. Driveclub is ps4 exclusive.

      Which do you think will be the better game?

      • “Soundwave superior. Constructicons inferior.”

  3. A very nice way to bolster confidence in a social game being looked after over the coming months. Top effort. Hopefully they’ll stick to it. :-)

  4. The plus version only includes India as a location, so i doubt if they would make other tracks available free for plus if they are at a different location. Other than that though, i guess we’ll have to wait and see, looks like the full game will be well supported anyway.

  5. Free tracks is an absolutely great idea. And doesn’t take the piss…as much.

  6. Am I the only one a little confused by that chart? I read it that the free game will be getting track and car updates every month. Nine new cars and 22 new tracks for both November and December, or am I missing something?

    • So, it’s 9 cars and 11 tracks for free in total between November and June. There don’t seem to be enough new track symbols on that blue inner ring, though.

    • @englishgolfer, If I’m right in thinking the free game your mention is the PS+ version, then I think you’ve miss-understood. The blue ring in the image is DLC that’s free while the DLC in the red ring has to be paid for. Not sure how it’ll work for the PS+ version.

      • So the blue ring is free DLC to the fully paid game. Gotcha!


      • As I understand, the PS plus edition doesn’t get the free dlc, only the updates like weather and other fundamental stuff.

  7. What does the full game come with without the season pass?
    How much does it cost to upgrade from the PS+ version?
    Is the PS+ version just a dressed up demo now that we HAVE to have PS+?
    If the game doesn’t perform as well as they want, are we still going to get all the promised dlc?
    Think I might wait.

    • – “the base game will start off with 50 cars and 55 variations of the 25 tracks.”
      – €49.99/$49.99/£42.99
      – That depends on your outlook, but there’s a lot more to it than in most demos.

  8. I’m getting more confused… Is the Season Pass included in the full game?

    • No.

      • Ok, I think I’m there. I can see myself purchasing the full game but probably not the season pass as
        once I find a few cars I like I’ll probably stick to them and wouldn’t spend real money on liveries. The events could possibly sway me but at this stage I’m not too sure what these will entail.

  9. If the PS+ version is good enough I’m seriously considering getting the game and my first every steering wheel/pedals combo. Can anyone recommend playing with a wheel/pedal combo, or is it not worth the hassle/money?

    • I’m in the same boat (or car even).
      Apparently the DC branded Thrustmaster T80 wheel they are selling isn’t force feedback but I’ve found they do a T100 which is only about £80 which is force feedback which sounds pretty cheap to me for a budget wheel. The only issue is that it doesn’t say whether this is compatible with DC on the PS4 but it is compatible for the PS4 version of Project Cars which leads me to think it will be.

    • Its either that or spending 300 odd quid on a T300 wheel & pedals.

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