PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars Gets A Launch Trailer Ahead Of Friday’s Release

A launch trailer for PS Vita JRPG exclusive Freedom Wars has been released, giving a glimpse at the cast of characters and some of the gameplay that lies in store. The story behind Freedom Wars is that everyone who is alive is given a one million year sentence of servitude as soon as they are born. In this world that sentence can be reduced by working and taking out the beasts that attack. However the rewards aren’t great and it will be pretty difficult to knock that sentence down to something less punishing.


Freedom Wars will also feature a co-op multiplayer mode where you can join forces with other players to take down the monsters, as well as rescue them from trouble. A competitive element is also in play as regions will compete to be the best in the world.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Looks a lot like God Eater Burst. That can only mean bundles of RPG enjoyment.

    • I’ve not seen Avenger but I was going to say like a cross of Soul Sacrifice & Toukiden (sp?) crossed, set in a futuristic environment. Whichever, am looking forward to this one!

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