Community Round-Up: 15/11/14

It’s expensive being a gamer! This past week saw Assassin’s Creed: Unity and PES 2014 being released – and Halo: The Master Chief Collection for Xbox fans – and next week we’ve got GTA V, Far Cry 4, and Dragon Age 3: Inquisition appearing on the shelves. How many of this month’s games are on your shopping list?

If maybe you’re not totally sold on a few games and want to check out this week’s reviews and previews, then you’re in the right place, as we start this week’s Community Round-Up!

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Beginning with the TSA Meets and this week, we’ll be having some of the usual GT6 on Monday, Red Dead on Wednesday, and Battlefield 4 on Friday!

If you want to play something else, you can add your own Meet to the list, provided you have more than 250 TSA Points.

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Similar to the Previews, things appear to be slowing down on the Review front as we edge nearer to Christmas, though there are a few big titles yet to receive TSA’s judgement. Anyway, this weeks high score award was shared by Toybox Turbos and BlazeRush, both with 7/10s. Peter enjoyed Toybox Turbos, with his memories Micro Machines reignited, while Dom described BlazeRush as “a fun time-sink”.

Next up was Freedom Wars, for which Jim enjoyed the combat, but felt it was let down by the story and some pacing issues in his 6/10 review. Dropping another point to 5/10 was Randal’s Monday, described as a point & click adventure with “too many ludicrously convoluted, multi-stage puzzles” by Stefan, while Jim thought Akiba’s Trip was worthy of only a 5/10 due to its tasteless tendencies, bland combat and repetitive design.

From the Previews, Stefan looked at Battlefield Hardline, which while a big change compared to Battlefield 4, may not a bad thing for those looking for something a tad different to the usual Battlefield games. Sam looked at Dragon Age: Inquisition ahead of his full review, while Aran went solo in The Crew.

Jim explored How To Survive, and how it’s adapted to the new generation, while Blair writes about wasting time (in a good way) in The Binding of Isaac. Lastly, Blair also looked at Mario Kart 8’s DLC – and you can watch 90 minutes of racing from TSA’s live stream – and Stefan blogged about how Driveclub was faring one month after its messy release.

From the usual features, Advanced Warfare’s Companion App featured on Mobile Watch, and sticking with the Call of Duty theme, Ghosts appeared on PlayBack. The Community articles saw Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty received a solid Buy It Verdict, which is more than can be said for Metro Redux right now, which is getting a very mixed response as it sits in the spotlight.

The Chronicle featured talk about GTA and SharePlay in Hot Topics, while Episode 161 of the Podcast was Peter-less, but he did make an appearance in What We Played #181, which saw the likes of Mario Kart, COD and FIFA being played.

Popping into the Forums, let’s take a look at what’s on offer:

That’s the Round Up complete, and I’m looking forward to another weekend of cracking rugby matches, which is more than satisfying my appetite for sports, as F1 heads to it’s nail biting conclusion next week! Let me know if you’ve got anything good planned, and I’ll see you next time. Bye!



  1. Today’s been extra expensive for me as I’ve just pre-ordered a PS4! Bring on GTA V :)

    • Yeeeeah! Good work Gazza. I’ve got a spare code for 4 months plus for the price of 3 if you want it?

      • Cheers man, I haven’t really looked into Plus yet to see if it will be better for me to get a 30 day one, or go straight for a whole year. Will let you know when I’ve done the maths, but thanks for the offer

    • I’m still hanging on, there’s still nothing that’s making me rush out to buy a PS4 apart the actual hardware. I was so looking forward to Drive Club :(

      • I was like that, but there’s quite a few games I missed out on last gen like GTA, The Last of Us etc, and if I keep putting it off it will probably end up being another year of waiting for Rainbow Six to come out.

      • But then I think if I wait long enough there will be a price drop, or a bigger HDD, or a slim version. I mean I’ve waited this long?
        I still haven’t played The Last of Us either but I can’t justify $550 (AUS) for 1 game.

      • E3 next year I’d guess would be the very earliest we’d see a new slim SKU.
        I think for me there’s plenty of games I could pick up that I missed from last gen so it’s finally worth it for me, so I guess you just need to wait until the time is right for you

  2. I’ve been playing Luftrausers which is completely crazy because I don’t usually fall for arcade games. But nazi planes got me hooked.
    Can anyone tell me how do I kill the blimp ?

    • I don’t understand Luftrausers, is it meant to look shit?

      • Idk. But you can change the colour palette. But I like the design from some sort of unknown reason.

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