Escape Dead Island Gets A Launch Trailer Ahead Of This Week’s Release

A trailer for the third big Dead Island game, Escape Dead Island, has been released. This one gives a bit more of a glimpse as to what players will be facing on the island, and zombies are the least of your worries. Much of the game explores the mental condition of the protagonist, Cliff Calo, who is trying to work out what happened. Escape is a spin off and doesn’t really have a bearing on the rest of the series’ canon, and is set on the island of Narapelo.

The trailer also acts as a reminder that if you pre-order the game you will get access to the Dead Island 2 beta, whenever that launches. Escape Dead Island will be releasing this week on the 21st of November for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: Youtube


  1. Looks more polished than the earlier footage, could be interested. Is it digital only, and any idea how much?

    The DI2 beta access could also swing-it!

    • Think I saw this on Steam for an eye-watering £39.99. Sod that. :-\

      • Cheers Mike. Have since checked on GAME and is £31.99 on PS3. Will wait for the inevitable price crash seeing as it’s released at a busy time, and pre-Xmas. Thought it was going to be PSN/download only title so was expecting about £11.99-£15.99 but didn’t release it was a full release game! :O

      • Same here, fella. Looked like something that was worth no more than £18 or so (to me)… and that depends on reviews too. No co-op shenanigans here either so it really had better be a very solid single player affair.

    • £26.99 on Amazon

      • Thanks ;)

        Probably still a little out of my price range having just got FarCry4 and GTA5 sadly, will probably pick it up at some point soon though!

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