Dragon’s Dogma Online Confirmed To Be In Development

The future of Dragon’s Dogma has been speculated about with hopes for new games in the franchise, and now it appears Capcom is ready to take the next step with the series. It has been announced that Dragon’s Dogma Online is in development but very few concrete details are actually confirmed. What is known is that at the moment Dragon’s Dogma Online is to be a Japan only release, will be free to play, and will be launching on PS4, PS3, and PC, though an actual release date is unknown.

Parties will allow four players to team up, and 100 people will be able to share the same lobby. The current known jobs in game are Fighter, Hunter, Priest, and Shield Sage, with players being able to switch between roles whenever they feel like changing things up. Dragon’s Dogma Online will be open world, and will increase in size as updates are released.


Some speculate that this is actually what Deep Down is, but I don’t remember there being time travel in Dragon’s Dogma. All the details are expected to release later this week.

Source: Gematsu


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  1. Could be interesting – though these things don’t often make it over here sadly…

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