Dragon’s Dogma Online May Be Coming To The West

Capcom have had a bit of a pickle with Dragon’s Dogma Online in Japan with a shakey launch, but things have improved quite considerably since then. Capcom have always said that the game is strictly for the East, but their latest annual report seems to indicate the game may make its way to our shores.

We released version 2.0 in June 2016 (the first stage of Season Two), but are moving ahead without a break to simultaneously create the Season Three framework.The world of online games spreads ever outward. Once we have established a solid foundation in Japan I’d like to consider bringing this game overseas, where there are a great many online game players.

Whilst that’s not an official confirmation it’s the first time Capcom have even mentioned bringing the PlayStation and PC MMPORG to the West.

Source: Wccftech 

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  1. Please bring it over.Would love a chance to get my hands on this.

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