Community Round-Up: 21/02/15

After Gazza took on the Chronicle last week, you might have expected that this weekend would have been a return to normality, but no, we’ve swapped roles, so that now I am tasked with the Round-Up.

And I have an important message to impart to all of those that have a copy of GTA5 on PS4. There’s a meet planned for Wednesday, and we’d like to fill out a full lobby of 30.


That’s right, while you might find GT6 on Monday and a crack at some BF4 on Friday, it’s this coming Wednesday at 8PM that you should all turn on your consoles and join GTOWN online for some nonsense in GTA5 on PS4. If you can, pop your name down on the list for the meet, and join in the fun

If you’d rather play something else, you can add your own Meet to the list, provided you have more than 250 TSA Points. DirtyHabit has asked in the forums to see if there’s any interest in an Evolve meet, for example.


Quite a few reviews graced our front page this week, with The Order: 1886 the biggest of the bunch. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to the expectations placed upon it, as Blair ended up giving the game a 7/10. It’s quite good, but is it worth shelling out for at full whack?

Aran, meanwhile, was handed The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, and absolutely loved it, giving the adventure game a fabulous 9/10 and ranking it up there with some of the best of the genre. Alas, things were not so kind for our other reviews, with Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy Plus for 3DS not adding enough to the base game – which is still good – to get more than a 6/10, Jungle Rumble‘s cute visuals were let down with a 4/10 and Criminal Girls: Invite Only might not even warrant an RSVP with it’s 3/10.

I’ve been quite busy keeping the previews ticking over, off the back of last week’s PDXCon. It started off with a video chat between Kris and myself, looking at the new city building game Cities: Skylines, before turning my gaze to 2.5D and co-op focussed shooter Hollowpoint. Dom interjected with a hands on with ScreamRide for Xbox, before I teamed up with Kris once more for a video about Magicka 2 and finally wrote about how Pillars of Eternity is shaping up for classic RPG fans.

We had a little more of The Order for you this week, too. Tuffcub started off the week with an interview with Ru Weerasuriya, Ready At Dawn’s CEO, while Matt took a look back at the game’s Journey to Launch.

Last week’s Chronicle covered the AWOL PS+ edition of Driveclub, all the games you can expect to see on PS4 this year and Evolve’s DLC season pass. Speaking of Driveclub, it’s the latest game in the WeView hotseat, with Battlefield Hardline‘s beta getting a generally indifferent result in its verdict.

And finally, as always, we had the 169th Podcast from the gang, which tackled the BAFTAs, Apotheon and AC: Rogue, while What We Played #191 saw more Destiny, The Order and Apotheon.

It’s been a little bit subdued in the forums of late, but there’s still some fresh points of discussion to be found:

That’s your lot for this week. I’ll hand the mic over to Gazza for the Chronicle tomorrow and catch you next time.



  1. Looking forward to the GTA Meet! Do Sony still send out those 2 week Plus trials, or is there only the two day one that’s on the Store?

    • Supposed to be a reply to Gazzagb.

    • Cheers! Although I can’t remember if I’ve used a trial before, did we all get one after the PSN hack? Might have used one then. When I look at the Store on PS4, it only shows the 2 day one so maybe I have (or Sony are just being sneaky!).

      • Possibly. With PSN it’s hard to know whether things like that are a glitch, or something forgotten long ago.

  2. Need more people for the meet. We can run at 16. But I’d prefer more. Spread the word.

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