Jack The Ripper DLC Coming To Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

With the Victorian London setting, it’s hardly surprising that Ubisoft are drawing upon every single cultural touchstone that they can for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. We’ve already seen the likes of Dickens and Darwin pop up, but now Ubisoft have announced that Jack the Ripper will be the focus in a DLC expansion, set 20 years after the events of the main game. It will come as part of the game’s season pass.



  1. One of the first things that interested me about AC Syndicate was how Ubisoft would put their spin on the story of Jack the Ripper. Unfortunately the first thing Ubisoft thought of was to strip it from the main game and charge people extra for the privilege. If I needed one more reason NOT to buy this game (I didn’t), this was it.

    • That was my reaction too, i’m pretty certain Jack the ripper was mooted in the earliest chatter about the game so this is disappointing to say the least.

      At the rate things are going, it won’t be long before buying the main game will only allow you to be an Ass unless you purchase the dlc.

  2. So, after finally listening to the fans and presumably after Unity’s rushed launch blew up in their faces, they finally do a Victorian AC game and they have a gift wrapped story due to Jack The Ripper being the most infamous serial killer in british killer, who’s identity has yet to even be discovered! And they…

    do it as DLC.

    Ubisoft, you done BLEEPED up! I mean, seriously? So on top of supernatural whatever her name is, we don’t get a potential Templar Ripper or AC ripper or a Sage Ripper turned crazy etc.. in the game but if we want to find out who he is in the ACverse, we have to fork out £20-30 for the season pass.

    And this would have breathed a bit of much needed fresh air into the franchise. I mean, AC:S probably will be good but it’ll most certainly be more of the same and well, Ubisoft doesn’t know what it’s doing with the modern plot ever since they decided to take the easiest way out with Desmond. Can this franchise please take a break for at least a year? The last game I played was Rogue and whilst that was excellent, it failed to be the Templar version of black flag and well, it had that glorified expansion feel to it.

    Damn, I seem to be moody today.

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