What We Played #351 – Sea Of Thieves, Extinction & God Of War

Here we are again, another week just about put to bed, and a weekend of potential gaming ahead. People seem to be finishing up Far Cry 5 or are still tinkering with Ni No Kuni 2, but it’s now God of War that’s on everybody’s minds. It’s funny how many of us approach gaming these days, like people who ask what’s for tea while eating their lunch, but then is that just because we’re such a forward looking medium? Perhaps, though in my own case I think it’s a combination of a game deprived childhood being superseded by the ability as an adult to buy the games I want. At least that’s how I justify adding yet another game to the insurmountable pile of shame.

I’ve been working through bits and pieces from GDC, though I did find the time to watch Ready Player One which was OK, though so different to the book that I came away a bit underwhelmed. Gaming-wise this week I’ve played some Sea of Thieves with Tef, as well as some more Star Wars Battlefront II, while returning to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition for some RPG kicks.

Tef surprised me by being the first to drop in this week. He went back and played more of Mario + Rabbids, where he’s still only a couple of worlds in and got some time with the impossibly named Warhammer 40K (colon) Inquisitor (hyphen) Martyr, “which is an interesting new take on the action RPG via the 40K universe”. He played even more Sea of Thieves as well as a bunch of cool independent games; “I sought revenge on a couple of pirates that sunk my ship and stole a ton of my loot in Sea of Thieves (but really just followed them around a bit and rammed into them a couple times), and I was playing Below, Wargroove, DayZ and Robocraft Infinity on Xbox One at an [email protected] event yesterday.”

Steve has been enjoying having the kids at home for Easter, and has been replaying Kingdom Hearts on the PS4. He’s also polished off Unfinished Swan, saying it’s a “really nice experience with interesting links to Edith Finch,” as well as the main game of Little Nightmares with the DLC to follow. He’s also working on Minit and Azure Saga: Pathfinder for review too. Finally he’s giving a paper at a horror conference this weekend, so needs to look at Resi VII again.

It’s been a quieter week for Tuffcub who’s been sufferig from game apathy with nothing really taking his interest. He said, “I tried Final Fantasy XV but it took so long to get going, and then had a lot of running about through empty maps. I have finally got round to playing Blasters of the Universe on PSVR though and that’s great.” Meanwhile, Aran got through the grind of the finale of Persona 5, having sunk a total of 73 hours into the highly regarded JRPG, and has continued to plug away at Extinction, with his review due next week.

It’s literally just been Octahedron for Dave this week, so he could finish his review, while Miguel has been playing Regalia on PS4, carried on with Never Stop Sneaking on Switch, and messing around some more in Yakuza 6. Oh, and he’s been playing a game called Super Daryl Deluxe, in which he might slightly be voicing the main villain!

Ade’s another on who’s struggled a bit for solid gaming time this week, but has been finishing up Adventure Pals for review – he says more games need a “green trumpet” for farting at will – and started on Rogue Aces, which features some great intro music and lots of sublime moustaches.

Finally, Jim meanwhile has been plugging away at Rainbow 6 again and a game that doesn’t have IV in the title, but does have God of War in the title.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Played Far Cry 5 and got the Platinum. Helped Virtual_Rehality on Sniper Elite co op which has the Plat. Then I fell ill for 3 days and still ill :( not been on my PS4 for 2 and soon to be 3 days

  2. I’ve been dipping in and out of Far Cry 5 which is a nice step forward for the series. The addition of side quests and characters really adds life to the world.
    I also managed to get to the end credits for Monster Hunter World and reach Hunter Rank 50 where the hardest endgame content lies. It feels like a completely different game at this point which is especially impressive given I’ve been playing for more than 150 hours.
    For my first proper go at the series, this game really got its claws into me!
    I’m also pretty chuffed I managed to beat every main mission solo, although the tempered Kirin was a nightmare.

  3. Being away for Easter meant a weekend without games. But we did get to see Ready Player One at the fanciest cinema we could find (big screen, Atmos sound). It was stupid amounts of fun spotting all those gaming references, although the best bit was a whole sequence based on a certain film.

    Then there may have been a certain amount of Wipeout in VR which could be classed as too much. With all the comfort options turned off, it’s not something to play for more than a couple of hours at a time. Which I did, and regretted.

    And the PS+ games this month are all a bit rubbish. Obviously not the 2 big ones, but I’d already played those.

    Nioh is still being evil to me, but it’s avoiding getting annoying.

    And then the free to play Tera, with the bonus bits from Amazon Prime (and some for PS+ too). It’s reasonably entertaining, despite being a bit poor graphically at times. Trophies are popping up regularly though. One every 10 levels, plus 1 for each of the instanced dungeons. Which are quite fun. I’m playing as a berserker because I can stand there and smash things with a big axe, while people heal and buff me in those dungeons. Combat is quite fun for an action RPG really. Bit more than mashing a button until the enemy dies. Just the extra XP from 2 weeks of “elite” status (from Amazon) means I’m levelling up far too fast. Finish a series of quests and you’re 10 levels higher than you were and it’s too easy.

    There was also some Rec Room fun, which seems to have gained a whole new load of players this week. Or victims, if you prefer. Running towards the other team’s flag in paintball taking out half a dozen people in about 15 seconds and hearing their confused shouts is too much fun. Especially when you realise there’s only 4 people on a team, so you’ve just killed someone who just respawned. And yet nobody seems to get upset by it. Still laughing or even complimenting each other on a nice shot.

  4. Just the Monday Fornite,lots of Ni No Kuni 2 which i got the platinum for in the early hours of this morning,Diablo 3 with the gang tonight.

  5. I deleted all the plus content. Except for Trackmania, which i probably will end up deleting because i tried the demo previously and the 30-second events didn’t appeal to me.
    So, thankfully i have some rather good games to keep me occupied. In Dark Souls 3, i’ve ventured to the wall above the wolf of Farron and got my ass handed to me by the boss up there, several times. And in Bloodborne i’m hopping between chalice dungeons, defeated a Brainsucker boss first and soon after that i had an Undead Giant down to a sliver of health without taking a single hit myself …. until he did hit me – once – and i died.

  6. So mostly AC Rogue for me this week. I’ve spent around 20 hours just collecting chests and animus fragments and I’m still not tired of this game. It’s so good, I’ve had Far Cry 5 for a week and I haven’t even tried it.

    Also been trying my hardest not to buy a PSVR because I have my first MOT this month and I know my car needs four new tyres, break pads and I don’t know, probably a new engine or something! But… in my head I’ve already bought it, two move controllers, a storage case and several games. Can you SORN a car for a month? I’m sure the DVLA will understand :D

    I mean, suddenly everyone is talking about PSVR and how amazing it is. What’s that all about?

  7. The little time I had for gaming was spent with Bloodbourne. First I finished off the Vicar boss, I’m obviously leveled-up enough now. Then I enjoyed those haunted woods, which are creepy, because here you feel the beasts can attack you from all directions, and it’s just so cool when you finally reach the door from the other side, which opens the shortcut right at the start of the level..!
    And I tried my first chalice dungeon, which is very cool, but when I saw that fire doggy boss at the end, I realised my fire weapons and molotovs just make him laugh… I love this game..!

    • There is a tactic for dealing with the “fire doggy boss” but i won’t say what it is unless you need a pointer ;)

  8. I totally agree with you about Ready Player One Dom, I enjoyed it more towards the end as the Spielberg charm and Silvestry score both ramped up but the story was too abbreviated to have the same impact as the book. The real world sets also looked a bit middling budget and not very much like Ohio, I think the van chase was filmed in Birmingham and the police cars were Peugeots, neither of which are very American. Ah well, at least the book is brilliant!
    I’ve been playing Tokyo 42, it’s fun but totally impossible to play sitting any further than three feet from my telly. Also finally managed to do a 4 Player GTA Online heist with friends from work, so much fun :)

    • Was the story really the important bit in Ready Player One? It was a perfectly fine story, if a bit lazy with the standard 3 act thing (the good guys get what they want, have it taken away, and then get it back again)

      It was all the things crammed in along with some impressive sequences that made it so much fun. Everyone there when we saw it was grinning and laughing all the time. Even a door with a certain number on got a reaction. And fucking Chucky.

      If you’re under 40, you might miss half the things. Otherwise, it was just lots of fun and about 237 different little things you could spot.

      Did need a bit more real world stuff though. Which might have made the film too long, although it didn’t feel as long as it was, which is always a good sign.

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