The News At Sixth: 25/04/18

It looks like the jig is up for the humble loot box, as more and more laws, regulations and government studies are coming down, saying “Yep, that’s gambling matey.” With Belgium saying that even Overwatch’s loot boxes are gambling, despite them often being pointed to as a benign example of the system, it looks like they’re going to have to adapt and make changes so as not to fall foul of fines in the millions.

Also today…

Jurassic World Evolution’s cast now includes Bryce Dallas Howard and BD Wong, reprising their roles as Claire Dearing, Jurassic World’s operations manager, and Dr. Henry Wu. Both characters are also appearing in the new film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. They’ll be joining Jeff Goldblum, who really needs no introduction as Dr. Ian Malcolm.

Fused Zamasu is coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ

Hypnospace Outlaw is now being published by No More Heroes, and here’s a nice and weird trailer to go alongside our preview.

Kind of yesterday, I suppose, but it was after 6PM, so here’s Destiny 2’s Warmind prologue cinematic

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  1. Jurassic World Evolution seems to be progressing well, I’m really looking forward to it!

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