Something For The Weekend – 06/10/18

Greeks now, or cowboys later?

October has sprung upon us, and it’s brought the big’uns of the gaming world with it. The latest Assassin’s Creed instalment was released yesterday, and next week sees the annual Call of Duty behemoth arriving. Are you planning on picking up any games, or are you holding out for a certain cowboy game later this month?

In the News This Week

Sunday Streaming Hour

This weekend’s Sunday Streaming Hour will  feature Aran and Gareth headed to Greece for a bit of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Make sure to catch them at 7pm tomorrow evening!

Games in Review

Another big week for the reviews, which this time see’s Ubisoft’s first major release of the busy season:

Reviewed platform in bold.

This Week’s Features

Jumping straight into the previews, Teflon looked at how Dirt Rally 2.0 aims to fill the void that DiRT 4 left for many fans. He also spoke to Codemasters about how they’re adding more authenticity for the simulation based players, and whether the game will finally have VR.

Elsewhere, Dom had a look at the ‘rougelite’ Beacon, which has recently launched into Early Access but is already impressing lots of players, while SoulCalibur VI also impresses with it’s new origin story and top-notch combat.

Last up from the previews, Tef played 11-11: Memories Retold, which sees WW1 “brought to life by the vivid art style that’s quite literally painted before your very eyes.”

Finally, What We Played featured Forza Horizon 4, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey & Mario Party.

Trailer Park

It’s Time For The Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Part 2 Trailer

Here Are Launch Trailers Astro Bot, Fist Of The North Star, Forza Horizon 4, And More

The Latest Hitman 2 Trailers Shows The Tools Of The Trade

Your Achievements

There’s plenty of busy gaming this week, as we check in on the TSA community:

  • tactical20 is getting stuck into spiderman, although is finding the combat a little tricky.
  • Another person who’s enjoying Spiderman is gernboes, who also got the platinum for that and Metropolis.
  • TSBonyman sampled the Unraveled 2 demo, amid some GOW 3 and No Mans Sky.
  • Other than Firewall, MrYd, also spent time on  NFS Payback, and found the PS+ games disappointing.
  • “Just Tomb Raider for me this week.” says JR (and posts some lengthy thoughts on the game!)
  • Crazy_Del is ‘loving’ Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, with 20hrs already sunk in.
  • Resident Evil Nemesis on Vita took up most of aerobes‘ time, but there was also PES19, Persona 5, Persona 4 Golden, Fallout 4, Battlefront 2 and Gran Turismo Sport. Phew!
  • GeneralJeeb edges closer to completing Persona 5, and played some Far Cry 5 with Jag.
  • Ron introduced his girls to Lego Force Awakens, who are slowly getting to grips with analogue sticks. I’m willing to be analogue sticks will be a thing of the past when they get older!
  • Last up, doomsday619 completed Assassin’s Creed Origins, and also found time for The Crew 2, Creed Rise to Glory, Rec Room, and has now moved on to Assassin’s creed Odyssey.

If you want to be included in this section, make sure to comment on What We Played of a Friday evening.

The Week Ahead

It’s that time of the year where the release dates look like review scores! But what do you think the actual scores will be?

  • Mark of the Ninja Remastered– PS4, XBO, Switch, PC – 09/10
  • WWE 2k19 – PS4, XBO, PC – 09/10
  • Stranded Deep – PS4, XBO – 09/10
  • Space Hulk: Tactics – PS4, XBO – 09/10
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops IV – PS4, XBO, PC – 12/10
  • Luigi’s Mansion – 3DS – 12/10

Enjoy the weekend and we’ll catch you next time!


  1. Rented Assassins Creed Odyssey and it’s a very good game. Looks utterly beautiful, the scale is truly epic, it does a great job of pacing and introducing new and even the story is a huge step up (so far) from Origins.

    The character has to be the biggest improvement as Bayek in Origins had less personality than Tekken’s Mokujin.
    I chose Kasssandra and even in the little part of what I’ve played she’s proving to be a deep, layered character which is very promising moving forward.

    There’s one particularly cool moment where during a mission in the southernmost village of the first island she says to herself “this used to be a nice village, but now it’s just a nest of anarchy and crime”. A nod to Star Wars? Who knows but that’s where my head went. Hopefully there’s more little things like that.

    Basically if you liked Origins, you’ll like Odyssey, it’s very similar so that means the bad stuff is back too.
    The one thing I really didn’t like is the pretty extreme level gating and I wouldn’t say I hate the combat but at times it just makes me want to turn it off.

    It’s not broken in any way but the way it’s done makes it extremely difficult to fight multiple people at once, which is almost all the time.
    One or two levels above you? Forget it, you’re dead.
    One or two below? Just button bash through them.

    Combat wasn’t perfect in the older games, far from it but the way it is now is nothing if not a lateral movement.

    Besides my combat issues I do really like the game and I’ll be ploughing more time into it before my rental goes back tonight.
    Then I wait, it’s good but I can wait for a price drop, same as Spiderman and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.
    Nothing earth shattering yet to make me burn $60 on the spot.
    Next up, some cowboy shenanigans…

    • I’m really enjoying it too. Combat does take a bit of adjustment. Buttons just don’t feel natural at all but I’m adapting quickly. I chose Alexios and almost started again because it seemed like the voices had been recorded by the meerkats from the comparethemarket ads. It’s hilarious. Decided to stick with it and I’m glad I did. It’s all part of Alexios charm I think. He isn’t super serious and brooding all the time and is probably my favourite assassin (personality wise) since Ezio.

      It isn’t all lighthearted fun though. There are some pretty tough decisions to make too. One early side quest in particular makes you decide wether to kill or save a family who may or may not be infected with plague. Their village has been completely wiped out leaving one family remaining. The Mother implies that “they’re not THAT sick”, confirming they ARE actually sick. So do you risk letting them go, potentially infecting the rest of the island? Or allow the soldiers to kill them (including the children) and burn the bodies?

      Apparently there are consequences later in the game depending on what you do and I love this – it really makes you think about your actions.

  2. I saved them. Didn’t even consider the consequences….

    • I really wanted to but when she said “we aren’t even THAT sick” I couldn’t risk them infecting the island and walked away. If she’d said “we aren’t sick”, it would have been more difficult, but she pretty much confirms they are. In the end it came down to either saving one sick family who will die of plague soon anyway, or letting them go; potentially condemning countless other families to the same fate. Really brutal either way.

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