Something For The Weekend – 05/01/19

Something for 2019

Welcome to the first Something for the Weekend of 2019! I hope you enjoyed the break and your new year’s resolutions are still going strong!

Things are still slowly coming back to life here at TSA and in the gaming industry as a whole, so let’s start with a look at the news over the last week or so:

In the News This Week

Games in Review

2019 is set to be a great year for games, lets see how it started:

Reviewed platform in bold.

This Week’s Features

As 2018 ended, we finished handing out our Game of the Year awards:

And we also ended our look at the games we can expect to enjoy this year with Ones to Watch in 2019:

With a ton of Atelier games due out in 2019, Miguel stepped back to the Arland games with Atelier Arland Series Deluxe Pack on Switchas well as seeing how Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition holds up on Nintendo’s handheld hybrid.

Finishing off the week, What We Played featured Tales Of Vesperia, Spider-Man & Borderlands 2 VR.

Trailer Park

Plummet Studios Shows A Brief Look At The Quite Sinister End Of The Line

Check Out The Latest Trailer For Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Your Achievements

Time to see what the Community have been playing over the holidays:

  • Eldave0 has been prepping for the Resident Evil 2 Remake by playing a lot of Resident Evil!
  • tactical20 says “2019 is all about Switch” as he kicks off with Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker and Super Mario Odyssey.
  • As you’d expect, it was a busy period for MrYd, who finished off Spiderman and dabbled in AC Odyssey, as well as the PS+ games.
  • Onrush was the first platinum for Crazy_Del in 2019. I wonder what his total count was for 2018?
  • wonkey-willy got stuck into God of War, Tomb Raider, Spiderman, and started Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • After being busy over the holidays, TSBonyman dropped into The Crow PSVR, The Persistence, Transference, and The Forest.
  • aerobes “loved every second” of Dragon Quest XI.
  • Ron has been enjoying Red Dead, also also has Spiderman waiting for him.
  • gernboes calls Battlefield V “the best Battlefield in a long time”, but has also been keeping an eye on the Velociraptors in Jurassic World Evolution.

If you want to be included in this section, make sure to comment on What We Played of a Friday evening.

The Week Ahead

It’s a slow start to 2019, but I imagine your backlogs are already full enough!

  • Hitman HD Enhanced Collection – PS4, XBO – 11/01
  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey – 3DS – 11/01
  • New Super Mario Bros. U – Switch – 11/01
  • Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition – PS4, XBO, PC, Switch – 11/01

That’s it for this edition, have a good weekend and I’ll see you again soon!


  1. That is a very good question Gazza….
    2018 – 37 Platinums (that is…. low =/ )
    My first 2018 Platinum was Assassins Creed: Origins and the last Platinum of 2018 was believe it or not Assassins Creed: Odyssey.
    Hardest Platinum for 2018 has to be The Evil Within 2 (Completed the Game in Classic Mode) 2nd runner up would be Vampyr
    Best Fun Platinum would be Marvel’s Spiderman
    Best Fun VR Platinum is The Inpatient.
    I think this year I will reach 50 platinums… (I hope so lol)
    Closest to getting a Platinum but have given up :( is Call of Duty: WWII (stupid zombies) if anyone does wish to try get that trophy/platinum (Dark Reunion/Arts) give me a shout!

    • Vampyr was your second hardest Platinum? I havent done it yet, but from the list it didnt seem too hard to me, what made it that hard?

      • Not to lose all characters! Had to do that one 2nd playthrough with multiple saves as I lost 2 4 through random/glitch encounters.
        Also on hardest difficulty.

      • 2 or 4 (I can’t remember) was raging about it though as I was being careful!

    • 37 Plats in a year is impressive! How does it compare to previous years do you know?

      • Better I guess 2017 was 29 Plats
        2016 was 30 Plats
        2015 was 24 Plats
        2014 was a whopping 51 Platinums!
        Assassins Creed Black was 01/01/14 to start off lol. 2014 was PS4, PS3 and Vita hence why it was 51 plats…. I wonder if I should do a PS3 weekly as I tons of games just sitting there gathering dust and to return to do another playthrough or to mop up trophies lol

      • Woah, your 2014 was crazy!

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