What We Played #381 – Onimusha: Warlords, Travis Strikes Again & Monster Hunter: World

It’s been a funny old week. People heading back to work, the cold settling in, and all of the Christmas decorations coming down to make the house feel slightly colder and slightly emptier has meant it’s the perfect time for hunkering down with some of those sweet sweet games. I’m still trying to play the games I got as Christmas presents, but that won’t happen while Monster Hunter: World keeps happening. A big problem with it is that I keep turning the PS4 on to find my 7 year old has left a quest half finished, and used my character, so I can’t possibly just cancel the whole thing and throw away his hard work, can I?

Tuffcub’s succinct reply tells us that he has played Destiny 2. This is both very clear, and very unclear, but perhaps that’s as it should be. Aran has been playing Onimusha Warlords for review, a lot of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and a bit of Mario Kart 8, where he wants to complete 200cc.

Nick P, by contrast, has spent most of his time playing Red Dead Redemption 2. “I camped out in the woods for about two days looking for pristine Elk so I could take their skin. After gaining some confidence, I went Bison hunting with my good friend Charles. We got distracted along the way and decided to scare off some poachers. On a side note, my Pokémon adventures continue. I’m on badge 6 and have 74 in the Pokédex. Go me.”

Having wrapped up the platinum for Cat Quest, Nicole moved onto the Harry Potter Collection, and dabbled in a little Firewatch in the hopes of mopping up the last of its trophies. “It’s safe to say that even after countless playthroughs, Firewatch continues to captivate me with it’s breathtaking vistas and stellar voice acting.”

Miguel has been heading further down the rabbit hole this week playing the new Suda51 joint, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. He also played a bit of the new Senran Kagura, watched a friend get up to some absolute lunacy in Hitman 2, and played a touch of Tekken 7 and Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise. “I also beat all the levels in Katamari Damacy Reroll! Aannndd uuuh, I’ve been up to my knees in filthy anime gatcha phone games, but I’m healthy and I’m not spending money, I swear mom, I swear!”

Though he reviewed the not-so-great Battle Princess Madelyn, Ade is still playing Overcooked 2, but it’s apparently pretty much done now. “So if Ghost Town could release some more DLC that would help temper my inexhaustible addiction for cooking.” Nic B, meanwhile, has been lucky enough to play Metro at the event this week, but there’s embargoes on all that. He’s playing God of War when he’s at home.

Jason played Double Cross which is “good fun. Everything which is weird, philosophical, and I don’t know how I feel about it”. He’s also been playing Fitness Boxing which he really likes, as well as starting Birth By Sleep in preparation for the end of the month.

Jim spent a surprising amount of time with Onrush these past seven days, putting the online ranked grind to one side in favour of the single player challenges and grabbing another shiny platinum. Speaking of which, he blitzed Spyro the Dragon for another platinum, which was “a relaxing little romp down memory lane.”

The emotional heft of Rime left Steve feeling ” a bit winded to be honest”. He also completed Hue which was is “a great little puzzler”, and spent some more time in My Time at Portia in preparation for review next week, though now he’s disappointed it’s not as rude as he first thought the title was! He’s also looked at a fair few games for the next Dr Steve’s Game Clinic and spent a couple of bus journeys with Digimon: Cyber Sleuth. “Oh, and I resurrected my PSP Go as my youngest wants to play the original Ape Escape and that was the easiest way”.

Rebecca has been exploring the dense jungles in Shadow of the Tomb Raider; “after waiting to see public reaction to the final game in the trilogy I’m loving what the game has to offer. Puzzles feel fresh, the world feels deadly and Lara’s character development feels complete.”

Finally, Tef saved the world another couple times in Into The Breach last weekend, skipped, hopped and jumped his way through New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for Nintendo Switch (or NSMBUDfNS), and then started on a disco-infused adventure with a bit of Octahedron on the handheld. That and he’s been busy at events previewing Rage 2, Metro: Exodus and Trials Rising. More on those soon!

Go on, what have you played?

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  1. Made myself do the last bit of Spider-Man. Swinging around for several hours to get the last 60 or so crimes and I got the Platinum trophy and the ability to look like I’ve forgotten my costume and have to do it in my Spider-Pants. But with nothing left to do, it’s a bit pointless.

    And then a serious start on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It’d be nice to have a proper AC game again, but it’s an improvement on Oranges. A dozen hours in before it really clicked for me. Now I’m just slowly wandering around doing all sorts of stuff. And Alexios is a massive tart. Quite understandable that everyone wants to have sex with him. So he’s shagging anything that moves. Some of those bits are like the cheesiest of porn though.

    Picked up Moss in the sale too. Gorgeous looking game, and so cute. But even shorter than I was expecting. I guess some reply value in trying to find all the collectibles.

    Firewall may have had a few hours of my attention too. An update removed the christmas lights in the lobby, and now the PS4 fans don’t go quite as mad while waiting for a game. Weird that a few lights caused such noisy fans for a few weeks.

    And a bit more of Steep too. Quite enjoying that. Spent about an hour flying around the map with the rocket wingsuit thing and collecting loads of drop zones. Is that how you’re supposed to find them? It’s quicker but seems almost like cheating.

  2. I finished Chapter 6 of Red Dead and what can I say apart from wow! Not a spoiler as such but don’t read if you haven’t finished it, just wanted to put it out there that the final section bears a few similarities to Metal Gear Solid 4. It was enough to take me out of the moment briefly but it didn’t spoil the game in any way, strange choice though. Epilogue time now!

    • The best is yet to come. The epilogue saved the whole game for me.

      • The story and characters are amazing!

      • All I can remember is plan, money and Tahiti. 😂

  3. I rented AC Odyssey a while back and while I liked it, there was a few issues, especially combat related.

    Well, I received it for Christmas and hot on the heels of completing DQXI I decided to dive right into Odyssey from the beginning again.

    I’ve altered my playstyle and I’m much better at the combat, especially when fighting multiple enemies.

    I’m having such a good time with it that I’d put in my 2018 top three, it’s that good.

    Ubisoft have really nailed the action adventure/ open world/ RPG hybrid. I really have no complaints which is pretty amazing for me, though there’s plenty of time left. 😉

    And the content, my oh my, there’s seemingly an unending stream of new stuff. All in all this game is a massive achievement in my eyes. Well done, Ubisoft.

  4. Started to boot up the PS3 and see what backlogs I have… turns out I have over 100 PS Plus games over the years. Started with the recent one called Amplitude… not what I was expecting but it is all right. My Mrs decided to play Tokyo Jungle that I downloaded on Plus 2 years ago… she is loving it. I hope she can get 100% trophies for me xD
    Been on Res Dead Redemption all week and this weekend as I am now at 93% and still got 50 animals to study and skin, aswell as challenges too!
    Lastly Firewall don’t know if the sesh with B_Cambo os on for tonight as he may have made plans… I am just 50 headshots away from Firewall VR Platinum.
    Oh forgot the Demo of Resident Evil 2 One Shot so will be on that tonight aswell!

    • Completed Resident Evil 2 Demo in just 17mins and 50secs
      Played again for the 2nd time and just finished in 5mins!!!
      What a demo…. roll on 25th xD

  5. I had a quick go at Steep and Portal Knights but neither of them really grabbed me. So i’ve mostly been playing The Persistence on PSVR . I discovered that as well as the main objectives there are also supply crates to be found and accessed – although accessing them can be a challenge in itself – but it means that i have an extra optional objective to mix things up each time i restart. And i haven’t gotten bored of the restarts yet thanks to the ever-changing layout and upgrade mechanic.

  6. Pretty much completed the excellent Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker, just in time for Super Mario Bros Deluxe, which arrived today.

  7. More Achievement mopping for me this week. Played through the Battlefield V campaign (which ranged from awful to awesome frequently) and got the multiplayer achievements done.
    Grinded out a bunch of achievements for Resi6 and started my Professional playthrough of Resi4.
    Subbed to Game Pass this evening so will probably spend most of my time on Forza Horizon 4 between now and Resi2’s launch.

  8. I finished JC4 and as I only had three or four trophies to get so I decided to go for the Platinum (I don’t normally bother) and once I got the cow gun it didn’t take long. That gives me a bit of time to play GTSport until the 18th which is a great day, my birthday and Ace Combat in VR, what more could you want?

  9. Still had the week off, so I started into 2019 with quite a lot of playtime. Spent it mostly with beautiful Horizon Zero Dawn, but I’m slowly approaching what I usually experience with these open world games: an overdose, or what I call too-much-content-fatigue.
    Why they always have to put so much content in that anyone with a life besides gaming could never experience it all, is beyond me. What could be helpful maybe, would be sort of an in-game tourist guide, offering recommendations for quests, according to one’s preferences.

    The game is quite good, of course, but some good things are underutilised, e.g. those invisible animals, while I’m getting bored having to restock materials like wire, etc. constantly, and some of these machines are really bullet/arrow-sponges, that becomes slightly annoying.

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