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Something for the Weekend – 09/03/19

I genuinely don’t know where the last week has gone. It seems to have flown by, and yet it doesn’t feel like an awful lot has happened.

Even so, I do have a personal highlight: the announcement of Nintendo Labo VR Kit and the duck’s bum inspection minigame it seems to include. Nice.

In the News This Week

Games in Review

Another big week in terms of game reviews, with the gang crashing and bashing their way through eight games! At the top of the pile is the Smokin’ Sexy Style of Devil May Cry 5.

Reviewed platform in bold.

This Week’s Features

The big PS4 exclusive for the first half of 2019 is Bend Studios’ open world zombie game, which we got to go hands on with for our Days Gone preview. We then sat down with writer and director John Garvin to talk about the story, defining zombies and how the game could surprise players.

Following on from Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Rebecca played FromSoftware’s latest in a Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice preview, which we then followed up with a quick preview video chat. It’s looking like a really interesting twist on the genre from its masters.

A few of us went in to preview the Warhammer: Chaosbane closed beta with Gamoc on hand to write up his impressions of this Diablo-like action RPG.

For this month’s Playing with History, Ade stepped into the alternate history detective mystery of Lamplight City with an interview with its creators

Finally, What We Played featured Devil May Cry 5, Anthem and Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn.

Trailer Park

Rage 2’s Wasteland Superhero trailer highlights the ridiculous ways you can kill

Here’s The Division 2’s launch trailer – will you answer the call?

The new Cyberpunk 2077 video explains how the game is being created

Check out the first footage of Conan Unconquered, the new RTS set in the Conan universe

Your Achievements

Not many of you piped up in What We Played this week, so here’s the diehard regulars:

  • Crazy_Del went back to his PS3 backlog to grab the SoulCalibur V, NASCAR 2011 and Master Reboot platinums. He also played Lego Marvel again to get in the mood to go watch Captain Marvel.
  • MrYd sank a lot of time into Elite Dangerous, Firewall Zero Hour, and lots of Honor and Duty: D-Day, which “looks a bit crap, but is lots of fun”.
  • TSBonyman spent two days re-downloading a ton of great games from the last decade, deciding to go back to Metro 2033 and Counterspy. He also found last weekend’s The Division 2 open beta a bit dull.

If you want to be included in this section, make sure to comment on What We Played of a Friday evening.

The Week Ahead

Big games seem to be landing pretty regularly right about now, which is great news if you’re a billionaire and can pay people to play them for you. This coming week’s biggest game? The Division 2.

  • Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition – PS4, PC – 12/03
  • One Piece: World Seeker – PS4, XBO, PC – 15/03
  • The Caligula Effect: Overdose – PS4, Switch, PC – 15/03
  • The Division 2 – PS4, XBO, PC – 15/03

That’s it for this edition, have a good weekend and we’ll see you again soon!

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