What We Played #444 –  Resident Evil 3, Mount & Blade II & Animal Crossing

It’s Day 9,688,997 in everybody’s house. Down is up, up is round, Tuesday is a salmon, and everyone’s children are reenacting Lord of the Flies. But with iPads. This is our reality now, but it is at least one where you can find plenty of time to play games.

In between getting attacked by my increasingly feral children, I’ve managed to play a bunch of things. I had a big Ubisoft blowout on Stadia, and dived into Lost Words: Beyond The Page, Bleeding Edge and the Gigantosaurus game for review.

Besides that, I finally completed Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which I enjoyed, even if I feel like I’d have been just as happy watching it on Youtube. I also dived into Shield Wall in Early Access, played a bunch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and had a go at the new, horrible, variant monsters in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

Nic B has played a lot of Magic Arena, “with today’s teaser of the new set, Ikoria, I can’t see this changing any time soon!” He’s also discovered how “notably unbendy” he is after playing Yoga Master thanks to Tuffcub’s review last week.

Miguel has gone down the Animal Crossing rabbit hole this week, by somehow, “against all earthly odds and human inevitabilities, playing over 60 hours of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Life has never been better!” He also finally got back to playing Astral Chain, and after an afternoon of being strangely awful at the game, realised that his brand new living room tv had an incredibly lag-inducing Game Mode that he’d left set to the wrong option for months.

Oh, and then there was Nioh 2 with his friends, a ton of the Predator: Hunting Grounds open beta, and Doom Eternal’s Battlemode, which he says is more fun than he originally thought. Finally, he remembered that he’s also played One Step From Eden, Murder By Numbers and One Piece Pirate Warriors 4! It’s almost like he’s been locked up with nowhere to go!

Jason is heavily invested in One Step From Eden, “which is just impossibly good”. Also, Risk of Rain 2 had a new update so he’s playing that, and EDF 5 was on sale so he got some friends to buy it so there’s that too. Finally, The Division 2 for some reason.

Also on the Animal Crossing plane has been Nick P, mixed in with a little bit of Call of Duty: Warzone. But really, his time has been spent “smashing” Resident Evil 3 for review. “I’m on my 5th run now on Nightmare difficulty. I’m trying to complete a lot of the challenges so I can unlock some cool stuff, no spoilers. Also, let’s not forget RE Resistance. I’m finding it a lot of fun playing the bad guy and dropping Mr X on people. It’s so cool! I just hope more people play it so I have some team mates!”

Jim spent much of this week’s lockdown hopping between two very different games: “First up I’ve been playing (and thoroughly enjoying) Control with all its delightful Remedy weirdness. The combat gameplay isn’t as riveting as other third person shooters, but I’m still having a blast.

“I’ve also been immersed in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Having spent countless hours playing the original I’m getting a bizarre sense of deja vu. While there are a lot of quality of life changes, it feels fundamentally the same. To the point where I’m almost rolling the same character/faction I did more than a decade ago.”

Steve finished Psychonauts and God of War: Ascension. “Psychonauts was just as wonderful as I remembered (apart from a dodgy camera) whilst Ascension was more of a complete game than I expected, having always heard more about the multiplayer parts.” Now he’s just waiting for Resi 3 to drop through the door…

Aran managed to squeeze in a bit of Greedfall between essay writing and working. “I’m enjoying the story unfold” he said, “and it being focused a lot on building relationships through diplomacy with factions.”

Ade is still playing Nioh 2 and says “it’s damn good. Killed a veritable horde of big bald wrinkly old man demon babies the other day. I’m also wearing an outfit that makes my Avater resemble Jason Mamoa in Aquaman. Finding that ensemble was a good day.” Alongside that, he found that Memories of Mars was “not my bag”, and that Biped “very much is my bag.”

Meanwhile, Gareth has played Paper Beast and Throw Everything for review. He’s also played plenty Minecraft, because that’s real self isolation and some COD Warzone, “which is actually pretty good and at least takes measures to decrease the chance you’ll spent 15 minutes picking up cool stuff and running across a map only to be taken down by a sniper you didn’t even see.”

Tef is still completely invested in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but is trying to wean himself off the escapist delight. So he’s playing Good Job!, Exit the Gungeon and Spyder for review. The first is a fun phsyics puzzler that’s sometimes a bit too physics for its own good, the second a quirky side-on twist on Enter the Gungeon, and the last an adorable robot spy platformer for Apple Arcade where you can happily walk on any surface.

And finally, Tuffcub got to be all mysterious this week as he has been playing “that thing I can’t tell anyone I have been playing until the embargo has ended”.

So… not Destiny 2?

Now then, what have you all been playing?

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  1. Is it really day 9,688,997….. damn! Time go by fast!
    I have finally completed Two Worlds II on PS3 (8 years later xD)
    Gained a new trophy level 70 ^^
    Played RE3 Remake at Midnight and have completed 3x now and soon to be 4x (all in under 24hrs =0 ) safe to say I was disappointed in RE3 as it did not lived up to my expectations! RE2 is way better than RE3 in my honest opinion! Will not display the flaws as the game just came out today so will wait 2 – 6 weeks for my reason why I wasn’t happy!

    Stay safe folks!

    • You are a beast. Keep it going!

  2. Mostly backlog week.

    Nearly finished off that Sonic game that was on PS+, which is decidedly “meh”. And 2/3 of the way through Uncharted 2 from the remastered collection that was on PS+. Good job we’re back to things I’ve got already next month. Except PS Now might have something to say about my backlog.

    Of course, picking up the original Doom for a couple of quid doesn’t help. 27 years later, and some of the level design is still a bit evil.

    Oh, and Control while it’s on PS Now. Nice idea, all lovely and weird and everything, but the gameplay is a bit lacking, and the technical issues made getting through the last couple of chapters a bit annoying. Death by framerate drops is never good.

    There might have been some more of The Division 2 as well, being my current obsession.

    And my weekly VR session with Honor & Duty lead to frantic share button mashing when someone shot flames out of their arse and disappeared into the sky. It amused me anyway. Almost as funny as that time RDR2 started raining horses.

  3. The Division 2. And I finally got the DLC. But then a nice girl I met in DC recommended me not to play it before I made it to world 5 in the main game, and how could I possibly not take her advice? Just got my specialisation (sniper), which is very cool, and the world has changed quite a bit after the main ‘story’, and actually for the better. The game got more challenging, that’s very good.

    • Once you eventually go to New York, concentrate on the main missions. Just doing that should get you to level 40 by the end. If you hit the new level cap before the end of the New York story, you’re wasting XP. Because of course there’s yet another type of level to earn after that.

  4. I plugged my PSVR back i and have been checking out some of my backlog. First up the Last Labyrinth demo, an escape-the-room type game where you, in a wheelchair, direct an npc to interact with puzzles in order to progress. Failure leads to horrific machinery churning up first your assistant and then you. People want that experience in VR?
    Then i played the Spiderman Far from Home demo, apart from having to hit my crotch repeatedly in order to pick up the mask it was pretty cool swinging about but then it was over just as i was getting the hang of it.
    Finally i decided to play the Solus Project. Naturally the 2D game uses DS4 but for some reason they forced Move controls for the VR version and it’s a much more frustrating experience than it needed to be. I spent more time wrestling with the controls than figuring out the puzzles. I’m probably going to have to continue it in 2D.

    Also not in VR, i played the Fury Unleashed demo – it’s a really good rogue-lite retro platformer with modern graphical flair. It plays really well and the demo portion seems quite generous.

  5. I finished off Jedi Fallen Order, overall it was a pleasure to have such a good old LucasArts style Star Wars experience again after so many years! I’ve started Life is Strange Before the Storm, it doesn’t quite have the magic of Max’s tale but it’s still got its hooks in me. I think I’ll play the original again when I’m done, maybe on my phone just for verity

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