The Animal Crossing November Update stream will take place next week

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Nintendo has announced that the special Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct will take place on 15th October at 3PM BST (UK time), previewing all of the new content that will be added in an update due out in November. It’s set to reintroduced to Brewster the barista pigeon at The Roost café, opening up a new room to visit in the Museum.

Nintendo states that the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct stream will be around 20 minutes long, which certainly implies that it’s far bigger than just one character and one new shop to visit. Fans are already speculating about what else might appear in the game, with fan favourite features like Gyroids on the list of many people’s wants.

At the Nintendo Direct a couple weeks ago, Nintendo might have focussed on upcoming games like Bayonetta 3 and Splatoon 3, but there was also a little teaser for this update coming to Animal Crossing in November.

It has come after a long and disappointing wait for fans of the slice of life game, as Nintendo’s focus has shifted away from their biggest hit from 2020. While Nintendo initially released regular updates for the game, adding new characters like Leif and Redd, new seasonal events and content for things like Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations, and even just the returning idea of being able to go swimming, the content updates have dried up dramatically as we entered into 2021. The last significant update was a Super Mario themed event for the character’s 35th anniversary, before settling into rerunning events from last year.

Here’s hoping that this is an update that answers many of the requests (and demands) that fans have.

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