Burnout v1.70 Out Now

Burnout v1.70 is now live and brings with it legendary cars, ready for purchase later.

Burnout’s Legendary Trailers

Want to see what all four of the Legendary cars look like in action.

Noby Noby DLC

Boy length stretching game is about to get bigger, no word yet if Girl is happier.

Legendary Cars Incoming

(Update) It’s time to get back to the future with the latest round of Burnout DLC.

More Stuff For Home

Snippets of information about a couple of things coming to Home this Thursday. (One of them is ninjas)

Cops And Robbers In Paradise

More Burnout DLC than we can shake a stick at. A very big stick as well.

LBP Content Mis-advertised?

(update) It was a mistake on the US blog, Marketing Manager apologises, I look smug.

Be LBP’s Valentine

Step this way to see the content Sony wants you to download to show your love for Sackboy.

Media Molecule’s Secret Out?

(update) LittleBigPlanet gets full Metal Gear Solid expansion pack.

Snakeboy Is Coming

Tactical Espionage Action arrives on LittleBigPlanet, charge your psyche meters.

LBP Level Packs DLC

This weeks LBP DLC comes in the form of Sackboy festive cheer, and level packs.

Midnight Club Free DLC

The streets of LA are about to get 33% bigger as Rockstar do a Criterion

More Burnout DLC Announced

Criterion show others how it should be done. Let’s hope for a decent price!

This Weeks LBP DLC

More free content and value bundles announced for Thursday’s update

This Weeks LBP DLC

Value bundle introduced, 4 quid T-shirt disappears, wallets breathe a sigh of relief

Mirror’s Edge DLC Coming

Announced, not quite dated and then “more shortly”. Normal press release then.

DLC Not 360 Only?

Sony boss hints at exclusive DLC coming to PS3… eventually

Bioshock DLC Soon

Challenge rooms DLC coming on November 20th. As a timed exclusive?

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