Infinity Ward

38 Infinity Ward Staff Sue Activision

The saga continues and takes a massive twist..

4 More Depart Infinity Ward

The haemorrhaging continues

Two More Leave Infinity Ward

Senior staff leave developers.

Modern Warfare: Future Confirmed?

Legal case reveals all – and no more DLC.

Infinty Ward: Still On For COD 2011?

Duties may double in 2011, and was IW on offer?

Activision Sniping At Infinity Ward?

“Departure of key personnel and litigation.”

Modern Warfare 2 Makes $1 Billion

In less than two months…

Infinity Ward Working on MMO?

Sources say next game won’t be Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition Unboxed

Spend an arm and a leg to see in the dark… or just eat more carrots.