saints row iv

The Real Cost Of Being A Saint

Looking like a million dollars.

Review: Saints Row IV

Take me down to the parody city.

Saints Row IV’s Insane $1,000,000 Pre-Order Bonus Detailed

Two cars, two holidays, plastic surgery and a copy of the game.

News Snatch: The Ashes 2013, Puppeteer And 20 Cancelled Star Wars Games

Plus a Colonial Marine comments on Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Video Preview: Saints Row IV

Expect high action and lots of flailing bodies.

News Snatch: Rack N Ruin, Diablo III On PS4, GTA V Dogs And WWE 2K14

Liege, Angry Birds Star Wars II, Defiance, Saints Row IV, Mad Max and lots more.

Hands On: Saints Row IV

The President of The Matrix.

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