Sony Block PS3 Mod Device

Sony use the legal banhammer.

PS4 Will Not Be Download Only

Kaz still thinks there is a place for disc-based media.

Uncharted Movie Delayed?

Movie is delayed, director-less and may start casting.

Sony License PlayStation Brand

For things other than consoles. Like coffee mugs. And spiders.

Sony’s Annual Report 2010

The edited ‘highlights’. There aren’t many.

New Sony E3 Montage Has Secrets

A couple of new titles heading your way.

Sony Press Conference Impressions 2

Part 2: LBP, Valve and Twisted Metal.

Sony Press Conference Impressions

Part 1: Killzone, Move and Kevin Butler.

Sony Conference Round Up

Kevin Butler ‘wins’ it for Sony…

Sony Announce PSN Plus

It’s coming. Find out more.

Dead Space 2 Set For Sony?

Sony and EA planning something special?

New PS3 Models Outed

Well, this is unexpected…

Games-On-Demand Coming To PS3?

Perhaps, maybe, possibly…

Ten Minutes of Move

I like to move it, move it.

Sony Planning “iPad Killer”

PSP Phone mentioned.