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Will 2010 Be Sony’s Year?

Take a look at what 2010 has in store.

Sony Hints At “New Ways To Game”

Next year could be rather special.

November’s NPD Numbers

Anyone care to guess the month’s biggest selling game?

Happy Birthday PlayStation

15 Years since the birth of the innovator of console gaming.

Sony Shred 3.0 Suit

Sony lawyers rip class action suit to itty-bitty pieces.

God Of War Collection: A Public Thank You

“By the Gods, what have I become?”

October’s NPD Numbers

Sales data for last month in the US.

What If: Sony Say ‘We Quit’

The most upsetting question to date.

The ‘Father Of Playstation’ Working On Cloud Computing?

The legend that is Ken Kutaragi starts a new business.

Sony Pledges Support For New IP

Fresh, new games coming to the PS3 in 2010.

PlayStation Losses Nearing $5 Billion

Big numbers for Sony, but in the wrong direction.

Happy Anniversary PS2!

This week saw the 9th anniversary of the PS2’s North American launch.

Sony’s PlayStation Sales

Sony’s second quarter financial results are out. Here’s a look at their PS sales.

News Snatch : Gaming Grandmas

Also available in a ‘Prestige’ edition with Night Visions goggles.

Sony’s Motion Control: Exclusively Casual?

Why the Wand needs a friend and what Nintendo got right.