EyePet Confirmed!

I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl! EyePet has been confrimed for this Holiday season in the US. It was previously only confirmed for an EU release but the news that it is also going to the land of the free (and might even find its way into some of those homes of the brave I keep hearing about) is great.

Apparently bundles will be available with the game pet and the PlayStation Eye camera you need to interact with the game REAL LIVE MONKEY-DOG! Ahem, sorry about that. The disc will also be available solus for those of us who can still find our cameras under that pile of dust and broken dreams.

Now for an image of said monkey dog. If you can feast your peepers on this and resist even the tiniest urge to say “ahh” then you’ll know for sure that your heart is made of pure despair.


Source: Engadget