Rainbow 6 Patriots Gets a Trailer

Rainbow 6 Patriots has just its first official trailer revealed on the VGAs. It’s looking good, though it doesn’t feature many rainbows – instead it shows guns, suits and bombs, what more could you want?

We’ve already seen target footage and concept art, which is certainly looking good, but the trailer, embedded below is very exciting:

Source: GameTrailers


  1. Wonder if beating a guy up, strapping bombs to him and lobbing him out of a new york skyscraper to then blow up half a blocks traffic will get them as much news as that little known game that had COD video?

    P.s, I’m watching the VGAs stream. They go over most of the awards like they mean nothing, I’m pretty shocked by the total lack of care towards the awards to be honest…

    • Yeah, they’re like: “Here’s the recap of some of those games that won something tonight…”

  2. Looks very cool, so sold on this game.

  3. Wow looks very good, could be another good Rainbow six game.
    Looking forward to it!

  4. Looks like the 5 year wait will be totally worth it!

  5. I love rainbow six so much but i just hope Ubi dont fob off PC gamers once again.

  6. That was brilliant but surely if people can get all crazy about CoD someone somewere will be writing an article sating how bad this is

  7. Really excited about this, I’m nearly already sold.

  8. Looks very good. Another game to add to the wish list.

  9. I played the first Rainbow6 game what was available on the PS3 (Vegas?). Unfortunately the ending really got on my tits (*SPOILER* – Looks like a build for a big finale and then suddenly some random bloke who had almost no major impact on the game so far suddenly goes “I’m the bad guy” shoots the pilot and flies off).
    That non-ending just really tarnished my whole view of the Rainbow6 game series, never been interested in one since. Strange how now thing can do that.

  10. Maybe it me but i hope im playing one of the bad guys killing bankers, anyone with me there?! :P

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