Community Round-Up: 18/08/12

Well that week has flown by, I can’t believe it’s already the weekend! I’ve had a really good week. For a start, I built my own gaming PC and got it all up and running so I’m very pleased with myself! Hopefully you’ve all had enjoyable weeks too, so let’s kick off this Community Round-Up!

[Also, there was that Gamescom thing, right? – Tef]

MotorStorm: Apocalypse’s Festival competition will be getting most of its results updates on Saturdays, so keep your eyes peeled for later today to see how the first week went! We’ll be posting the first update at midday.

Again, Bodachi hosts the usual Uncharted 3 meet at 7pm tonight, while DiRT Showdown is at the usual time of 6pm tomorrow, hosted by R1MJAW.

On Monday, Youles needs some help with the 4-player LBP collectables and trophies, so he’s created a Meet for 7pm, with an accompanying forum thread. Later on that evening, Forrest hosts his Max Payne meet appearing at 9pm.

On Tuesday, there’s more DiRT Showdown madness with Forrest’s meet at 8pm, and on Thursday, Crazy_Del hosts a Ridge Racer Unbound meet.

Keep checking for the usual meets that pop up during the week, like Battlefield 3 or maybe Gran Turismo 5, or you could host your own Meet provided you have a minimum of 250 TSA Points.

First up, we have our dedicated portal to catch up on all the Gamescom news, trailers and previews that we have. There’s still more stuff coming on this, with previews of several games coming in over the next week or so.

Looking at the Reviews and Previews, we’ve got some big hitters this week. We begin with Peter’s 8/10 review for Sleeping Dogs, while Blair gives Darksiders 2 a solid 7/10. From PSN and XBLA, we’ve got Rock of Ages and Hybrid both from Jim, given 6/10 and 7/10 respectively. Finishing up is Aran with his mightily impressive 9/10 score for Dust – An Elysian Tail.

For the Previews, Blair gets to grips with Playstation All Stars, while Teflon gets stuck into Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force, with plenty of previews in the pipeline for the next week or so too.

From the other posts, it’s a bumper crop of Cheap PC Gaming from Gamoc, featuring the latest Indie Royale bundle, whilst Aran has a nice chat with Maximilian Csuk, the developer behind Rico – A Tale of Two Brothers on Android.

We’re an opinionated bunch here, and Kris explains why we should praise gaming’s diversity, while Al writes how Sony’s Gamescom showing highlights how we don’t need the next-gen just yet. Tuffcub get’s annoyed with his Vita, to the extent that he leaves it out of his holiday to Hawaii!

For the Community Chronicle this week, MJB shows off his rig, while the Accomplishments section sees a fair few Platinums added to peoples’ collections. Modern Warfare 3 got the WeView treatment last week and you can catch the Verdict, or leave behind your thoughts for Fallout New Vegas. Finally, Greg brings us What We Played #66, with the Podcast MIA this week, due to recording timing issues.

Let’s take a look at the Forums and see what’s happening:

Last week saw Master Chief from the Halo series crush Crash Bandicoot 6-3. This week, he takes on War’s brother in horse riding at the end of the world, Death, as seen in Darksiders 2.

Master Chief 


  • He is a cybernetically-enhanced supersoldier.
  • Has a vast armoury of futuristic weaponry.
  • He’s so strong he can flip vehicles like they are feathers.


  • His health rapidly depletes without his shield.
  • Spartan lasers (and other weapons) can be painfully slow to charge.
  • (Spoiler) Following the end to Halo 3, he’s currently in a cryonic sleep which could be problematic for a situation like the showdown.



  • Uh, he’s death. It’s been his job for, like, forever to move people on from that whole being alive thing. Generally with his scythes, which are pretty cool.
  • Horseman of the Apocalypse must look awfully cool on his business cards
  • Utterly loyal to his brothers in arms.


  • Really sucks at chess. This is how people come back to life all the time, by challenging him to a game of chess.
  • Nice horse, and all, but I don’t see an Olympic gold medal hanging around your neck.
  • Probably doesn’t have many friends. After all, as soon as you see Death, you’re probably about to die…

That’s it once again for another week folks, thanks to Tef for suggestions in the Showdown and don’t forget to vote below! Adios amigos!

This post was written by Gazzagb



  1. Was that a Bill and Ted reference in there :). I do prefer bogus journey.
    I’m going with Death on this one. I think it would be an exscything match.

    • I wrote those pros & cons for Death, and that was the image I had in my head, yes! :)

      Although, cheating Death by beating him at a game (usually of Chess) is a longstanding myth.

  2. Good to see the forums busy :) Death get’s my vote, wouldn’t want to cross him.

  3. Nice to see all the votes going towards myself xD I’ll vote for myself too ;)

  4. Vote for death beucase…i cant even think of a valid reason

  5. Thanks for the LBP plugs….there’s been lots of us getting the Hearts etc which has been great! Hopefully we can all get the collectables too!

  6. Death gets my vote. just cos.

  7. The winner is obvious.

    The debt that all men pay.

  8. Death gets my vote. Otherwise he might show up and get rid of me. Also, I to suck at chess.

    And if master chief shows up and kills me, hopefully death will be a nice chap for once and bring me back to life because I voted for him.

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