Community Round-Up: 24/11/12

TSA’s moving house (well, server) last night, so there might be some lingering disruption to proceedings. That means you could be reading this either on Saturday, Sunday or even possibly Monday depending on how stuff gets mixed around.

Anyway, there’s still plenty to talk about so let’s crack on with this week’s Community Round-Up!

Yesterdays Friday Fun involved guessing the game from some pixelated pictures, and it was revealed Brendancalls is currently in the lead. It’s still early on as there’s a few more weeks before the winner of the PSN credit will be revealed, so it really is up for grabs.

This year’s TSA F1 Championship finished last weekend, with TomJakes being crowned the 2012 Champion. He beat last year’s champ to the line, but Lee-ma still came second, with CarBoyCam finishing off the podium. Ro6afc11 also won the drivers choice award, so well done to the both of them, as well as all the other competitors.

Over on twitter, we have a giveaway for a Far Cry 3 PC code, which was generously passed on to us by Camdaz. Just tweet the following for a chance to win:

@thexisthaxis have an Ubisoft Online Shop code for Far Cry 3 (PC) to give away. Follow us and retweet for a chance to win! #TSAFC3

We’ll be closing the entries at some point in a couple of days, so be sure to enter soon to be in with a chance!

The Meets kick off with the usual DiRT Showdown meet starting at 6pm tomorrow, hosted by R1MJAW, followed by OnlineAssassin’s NFS: Most Wanted meet later at 8pm. Kitch/GTOWN also makes an appearance with his Borderlands meet at 9pm.

Monday night sees Youles hosting a Black Ops 2 meet at 8pm, with the usual Max Payne 3 meet at 9pm, hosted by Forrest. The second DiRT Showdown meet takes place on Tuesday at 8pm, again hosted by Forrest.

The usual Red Dead Redemption and Assassins Creed 3 meets for Friday night will probably pop up during the week, or why not create your own Meet provided you have 250 shiny TSA points?

Just two reviews for you this week, so we’ll begin with Blair’s 9/10 review of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale which was released yesterday. He also provided an addendum of the game versus Super Smash Brothers.The other review for you was also for a game released yesterday; LEGO Lord of the Rings, which received a 7/10 from Al.

No ‘real’ previews this week, but Peter showed off some video clips from the upcoming Far Cry 3, so I guess you could call that a video preview! He also chipped in about why Playstation All Stars doesn’t float his Sackboy, while Blair reveals his thoughts on why The Walking Dead is one of the best games he’s played so far this year, and why you shouldn’t dismiss Black Ops 2’s single player.

Al pondered over the strange and jarring disconnect between the opinions of game critics and the end users, sparked by Black Ops Declassified, and Kris thinks that toys might be one potential future for video games to take.

Let’s move onto the Community articles now, starting with the Community Chronicle featuring Bodachi’s rig as well as your recent trophy achievements and the TSA leaderboards! The WeView verdict for Black Ops 1 was announced, and Resident Evil 5 takes its place as the next game under the microscope.

Finishing up, What We Played #80 arrives from Greg, and Episode 83 of the Podcast is available.

Let’s take a quick visit to the Forums now to see what’s been going on:

That’s it again for another week, hopefully TSA is super fast once the move is all completed and we’ve unpacked all the boxes, but I’ll see you next week anyway. Bye!

– This round-up was pulled together from a long list of still confidential sources by Gazzagb.



  1. I was thinking of doing Allstar battle royal meet but since my ps3 blu laser is busted & only have the game on the vita, dunno if that would work

    • I don’t see why it wouldn’t! Or set it up and ask someone else to do the actual hosting?

      • Oh I didn’t know you could do that create a meet & someone else host

      • Oh, it’s still your name on the meet, you just get someone else to do the inviting etc. at the actual time. :)

      • Alright thanks :)

  2. Something has changed on the site from yesterday anyway, I can now read the small font lettering on the front page at the top without contacting our local University’s professor of Egyptian Heiroglyphics for a translation :P

  3. Will TSA be doing the usual features, bargain weekend and trailer park, or are they suspended for the transfer?

    • We’ve already transferred over :)

  4. With the Far Cry 3 code you also get 20% off the ‘Digital Deluxe’ version of Medal of Honour Warfighter.

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