Community Round-Up: 1/12/12

Another week has zoomed by, and what also seems to have disappeared is any form of warmth in my student house! I’m sitting here wearing three hoodies! Anyway, enough of that. Let’s get on with this week’s Community Round-Up!

We’ve got two tickets to see the Distant Worlds Final Fantasy Concert in Chicago on December 7th. It’s being held in Chicago, so if you can get there (we can’t cover expenses, I’m afraid) all you need to do is pop in the comments what your favourite Final Fantasy song is and then leave it to to decide!

The Friday Fun Competition continues as usual, and yesterday saw an anagram quiz. I wonder what ridiculously tricky nonsense Lewis will come up with for next week?

The Meets kick off with Teflon’s F1 2012 meet at 5pm on Sunday, featuring a 50% race around Brazil. Then the usual DiRT Showdown meet starts at 6pm, hosted by R1MJAW, and OnlineAssassin’s NFS: Most Wanted meet follows later at 8pm.

Monday night sees Youles hosting a Black Ops 2 meet at 8pm, with the usual Max Payne 3 meet at 9pm, hosted by Forrest. Again Forrest is back with the second DiRT Showdown meet taking place on Tuesday at 8pm.

Bodachi hosts a PS All Stars Battle Royale meet at 8pm on Thursday, while Blackyellowred hosts a FIFA meet on Friday at 7pm.

I’m sure you can expect the usual Red Dead Redemption or Battlefield meets to pop up during the week, or why not create your own Meet provided you have 250 TSA points?

The busy Q4 period must be practically over, as we’ve got no real Previews or Reviews for you this week. There’s surely some Wii U content coming next week, but the Christmas lull is seemingly upon us already.

Filling the void has been Alex with a Kart-off between LBP:Karting, F1 Race Stars and Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed, an interview with Peter Molyneux, and an early look at Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force. He also ponders on what went wrong for Playstation All Stars (spoiler alert: no-one bought it!), and whether It might have been a shade better on PSN.

So, Al very much to the rescue, but we also have a few Blogs for you all. Gamoc looked at War Stories, while Kris asked will the Wii U be a success, followed by his opinion that Simplicity is King.

The Chronicle featured Forrest’s rig, while WeView moved onto PixelJunk Eden after giving Resident Evil 5 a ‘bargain bin it’ verdict. Then there’s also What We Played #81 from Greg. Lastly, Episode 84 of the Podcast has landed and is available to download.

Let’s jump into the Forums now to check out what’s been happening this past week:

Once again that’s everything we’ve got for you this time. I’ll see you next week, have a good one!

-This post was collated, analysed and distilled by Gazzagb.



  1. Don’t know what it is about student accommodation, heater here seems to be in a cyclical mind of its own hence I had to buy one of those slankets which aren’t half bad I have say… a little big perhaps.

    Literally shocked by Forrest’s news, I hope things work out for him as he seems like a good guy.

    As for some of the greedy judgemental bastards out there sod em lol.

    • Forrest is a good guy!
      totally awesome in every way! =D

      • yeah lol, I use the word ‘seems’ because I have only been on TSA for a few months becoming familiar with members.

      • no worries!
        u will learn that all of the TSAgents are awesome!

      • He’s the best around nothing’s ever gonna bring him down ;D

      • Yes, i also had a small part in the Karate Kid… Apparently! ;)

        Thanks for the kind words though. :)

  2. Forgot about the F1 meet tomorrow, I’ll have to find some time to get some laps in.

    • I’ll be having a praccy in the afternoon (Sunday) if you want to join…..I already have my set up saved from a few tests during the week. Trying to 100% Sonic transformers first, nearly there at 99% complete :O

  3. Steven’s technical problems are actually brain problems. :-P

    • The best thing is that we can take the piss and he’s not here to respond! :D

      • Oh is that so? *hears Gazzagb crapping his underwear* :p

  4. Thanks for the mention about iTunes. There is precisely one tip for those of us who use airplay, after that there was plenty of moaning! Bloody apple!

  5. Yeah – FIFA 13 meet on Friday… Will be Pro club matches! Also, it’s blackredyellow, not blackyellowred! How dare you! We’re nothing alike :P

    • My bad, sorry!

    • God, that’s like having North Korea compete in something & yet have the South Korea flag displayed by mistake – Where in the world would that happen? ;)

      • Haha, that was a massive cojone dropped!

  6. I need money. Once I find some, I shall re-purchase NFS Most Wanted & F1 2012 to hit some Meets up.

  7. Just as a small addendum to the above, as maintenance is due for today/tonight, the Max Payne meet is no longer on – Even if they say that you can still play during maintenance periods, unfortunately Max Payne just won’t connect to the servers during these times.

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