Call of Duty: Ghosts Gameplay Premiered

You’d usually be expecting to see the first gameplay footage from a new Call of Duty game at the end of Microsoft’s E3 conference but since this is a brand new branch of the series on next-generation consoles, Activision have decided to do things a little bit differently.

They’ve went ahead and premiered the first gameplay footage in their own pre-E3 show, focused entirely on the title. It’s about half an hour long and shows two gameplay segments, an interview with writer Stephen Gaghan by Geoff Keighley and a little bit of question answering, mostly revolved around the Call of Duty dog – now confirmed to be named Riley. After the Modern Warfare 2 character Simon “Ghost” Riley. Aw, that’s nice.

The first part is an underwater section of the game, named Into the Deep, which looks to be filled with as much stealth as there are explosions, while the second part of gameplay focuses on the canine companion Riley, showing how he affects the game and how he’s a playable character. A good way to kick off E3, then – check out the video in full below or on YouTube (with a forty minute countdown) here.




  1. Same scripted events and gameplay reskinned :/

  2. Ok, this basically means COD won’t be shown at MS’s or Sony’s Press conference…

  3. Collar of Duty

  4. The highlight of that vid where the turn ups :D

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