Community Round-Up: 10/08/13

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been really enjoying Youtube’s Geek Week and have learnt some brilliant things already. Also full of brilliant things this week was TSA, so let’s take a look at that in this week’s Community Round-Up!

The Community Team’s newest member, Duffybox has dived straight in with a fantastic box art competition. It’s the perfect way to see how much you can recognise, and you can win yourself one of two Total War: Rome 2 t-shirts.

Entries close tonight at 9pm, with the winners being announced tomorrow alongside a new competition, so head on over and get your entries in!

We also have the winners of the PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD codes still to announce, so we’re going to do that here! The lucky winners were:

  • KeRaSh
  • Rudi13
  • Zephyre
  • Puzom
  • Hur4d

All of them have been contacted and have received their codes.

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There’s just two meets posted for this coming week, with Vandix bringing the Killzone 2 Boot to Tuesday night, and the Battlefield 3 meet already posted for this coming Friday.

Also, if you nip over to the forums, Duffybox wonders if anyone would be interested in some Team Fortress 2 (PC) Meets?

As always, you can create your own Meet on the assumption you’ve got at least 250 TSA Points.

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There was only one new Review this week, and that was from Aran. Tales of Xillia is a JRPG that’s only just been released in Western territories, despite being released almost 2 years ago in Japan. It seems though it was a game well worth translating, seeing as it received an impressive 10/10 in it’s review from Aran.

Shifting over to the Previews now, Craig looked at the upcoming NHL 14 and how EA have really given it a complete overhaul – and also added in a NHL 94 Aniversary Mode, with classic top-down gameplay and ‘anything goes’ rules!

Peter had a video preview of The Wonderful 101, the upcoming Wii U exclusive from Platinum Games, while Jim looked at Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame in Mobile Watch.

Focusing now on the regular Community articles, God of War received a mix of comments and votes in it’s Verdict, while the latest addition to the Dead Space franchise becomes the new focus of WeView. TheLig showed of his gaming rig in the Chronicle (and also his kittens!), while TSA’s Top 100 of 2013 Recap has continued from 49 down to 26.

John Marston from Red Dead Redemption was the focus of A Matter of Perspective from Aran, while Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was centre of attention in Indie Focus from DanToo.

Jim looked at the in-depth unveiling of Everquest Next, and what Sony’s doing for the MMO genre, and revisited Saints Row: The Third in PlayBack. Xeroxeroxero shared his opinion on the ‘are video games art?’ debate, while following the news Playstation All-Stars is heading to mobile, Blair asks the question of where this leaves the Vita?

Kris, Kev and a guest appearance from Vaughn make up this week’s Podcast in Episode 107, as Josh gives Newsdesk a new look to match the site’s redesign, and last but by no means least, Greg has What We Played #117.

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The Forums are looking quite quiet again this week, but let’s have a rummage around and see what we can find:

  • Colmshan1990 would like to remind people they can sign up to TSA’s Fantasy Football leagues, both the Classic (code 69205-20698) and Head-to-Head (69205-63071). More details and discussion can be found in the forum thread, here.
  • In light of the recent news that PS4 pre-orders cannot be guaranteed, there’s a little more discussion of people’s plans.
  • Oh no… is there another Steven?

That’s everything covered for this week, I’ll see you next time, bye!



  1. Thanks for remembering the fantasy league!

    Because I know I was supposed to remind you yesterday… :(

  2. I need to get my arse into gear and start molesting the forums once more. Bloody work commitments. Meh!

  3. i’m between jobs @ the moment so i’m just going to molest myself…

  4. I lost! How because I even cheated ! HAha just kidding :P Ahh fun.

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