Community Round-Up: 24/05/14

I’m back after a couple of weeks off for my Finals, which (fingers crossed) went well! It’s good to see TSA Towers still standing, and everything running as usual, so let’s take a look at the past seven days in this week’s Community Round-Up!

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TSA’s FIFA Ultimate Team Competition has now reached its final week, with the semi-final results being announced earlier in the week. Keep your eyes on TSA this week to see who is our overall winner, who will bag themselves 150,000 FUT coins!

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There aren’t any Meets scheduled right now, so unless you’re interested in Monday night’s usual GT6 Meet, feel free to create your own thing, providing you have 250 TSA points.

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Let’s start looking the the articles from the past 7 days by diving straight into the Reviews, for which we had a good amount of this week!

Peter started off the week with his 7/10 review of Wolfenstein: The New Order, which he described as a “very enjoyable and respectably lengthy shooter”, while the top review this week came from Stefan, who was full of praise for Transistor. As the follow-up to Bastion from Supergiant, it looks and sounds lovely, and well deserving of his 9/10 score.

Sparkle 2, the addictive match 3 game received a solid 7/10 for both PS4 and Vita from Aran, while Jim gave a 5/10 to Mugen Souls Z, describing it as a game that only pre-existing fans can really enjoy.

The last review of the week came from Dan, who stamped a 6/10 onto Bound By Flame, saying the “satisfying combat” was let down by the mediocre story and character dialogue.

For the Previews this week, Stefan had an in depth look at Driveclub, first taking to the track and then looking at the social aspect of the upcoming PS4 game. He also spoke to Simon Barlow about the delay and what racers can expect from playing together.

Jim has been busy the past week, looking at The Last Tinker: City of Colors for Indie Focus, Brink in PlayBack and also Talisman on Mobile Watch.

Aran looked at Puppeteer in a Matter of Perspective, while Blair blogged about the social side of gaming, and his tendencies towards it.

Looking at the Community articles from this week, the Chronicle had a lot of discussion regarding the Kinect-less Xbox One and Halo 5 announcements, while Far Cry 4 and CVG’s woes also got a look-in too.

On WeView, Tearaway got a very healthy verdict, while Warframe becomes the new game for you to vote on, although to mix things up you’re asked to suggest a fair price for the free-2-play shooter.

Ending the articles in the usual way, there’s What We Played #157 from Greg, featuring Sparkle 2, Transistor and Wolfenstein, while the Podcast sees talk about MLB, Kiwanuka and Batman in Episode 142.


I haven’t had much time recently to check out the Forums, so let’s take a peek together:

  • Ahead of its release this week, Toby wonders if Watch_Dog’s review embargo is a good thing or should it be seen as a warning?
  • Del has created a thread aiming to get people together who need to get online trophies for those games in your backlog, and organises some WipEout meets for both Vita and PS3

Well there we have it. I’m really looking forward to Watch Dogs later on this week, and it’s hard to believe E3 is only two weeks away now. I’ll be back next week, so until then, bye!



  1. where did the watch dogs video go?
    screw it I’m buying it any way I’m bored with shooting things now.
    in my old age my reaction times are getting slower so the pace of watch dogs should suit me.
    can any tell me how to get a game on warframe with fellow tsa folks?

    • This thread should help you out with finding TSA’ers to play Warframe with, or if Tony sees this I’m sure he’ll be able to offer more info for you

    • What’s your psn name? Mine is the same as on here. Send me a psn message and I’ll get you added to the clan.

  2. mine is the same matey,
    thanks tony will drop a message next log in.

  3. thank you too gazz

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