Community Round-Up: 28/06/14

TSA was full of content this week, with plenty of reviews and previews as it seems the summer release schedule has truly started. Maybe there’s something you’re particularly looking forward to in the coming weeks?

Anyway, pull up a chair and get ready for this week’s Community Round-Up!

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 There’s just two quick reminders for the competitions this week. The first is for the Plus Points Challenge, as you have until 6pm tomorrow to get your entry in for the high score challenge on PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate’s first level.

TSA’s FIFA World Cup Tournament is the second reminder, as the results from the Round of 32 are released, as well as the fixtures for the Round of 16, which should be completed by Tuesday night.

Last night saw Forest mark the return of his Friday night Battlefield meet with BF4 on the PS4, so hopefully we’ll see that again this week. Other than that, there will be the usual GT6 Meet on Monday night, and this week’s Red Dead Meet is looking like it will take place on Tuesday night.

Feel free to join in with those meets, or if you’d rather play something different, you can of course create your own Meet provided you have more than 250 TSA Points.

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There were plenty of reviews this week, so let’s dive straight into them! The big’un this week was probably Sniper Elite 3, which received a 7/10 from Dan and is definitely one to pick up if you enjoyed the previous one, or if gruesome X-ray killcams are your thing.

This week Jim looked at the comical shooter, Blue Estate, and Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn, which earned themselves a 6/10 and 5/10 respectively.  Also earning a 6/10 was Concursion, which Aran described as a game with “glimmers of greatness, […] let down but some odd pacing and ridiculous difficulty spikes”.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War, which runs on the UbiArt engine with a comic-book style, was given an 8/10 by Tuffcub, which was also the score given to EA Sports UFC by Gareth, who described the fighting as “the best it has ever been”.

The only handheld review this week was for Inazuma Eleven Go for the 3DS, which Dom enjoyed and gave an 8/10, while in Matt’s scoreless review of Resogun Heroes, he describes it as a “worthy expansion”.

Looking at the previews, Blair looked at The Order: 1886, while No Man’s Sky featured heavily on TSA this week, first with a preview from Peter followed by an interview by Blair and also a look at the technology behind the game.

Stefan looked at 3 AAA titles that are sure to be massive hits, firstly getting behind the wheel of Forza Horizon 2, after which he breach and cleared with Rainbow Six Siege and COD: Advanced WarfareLastly, Peter wrote about his experience with EVE Valkyrie and his VR encounter.

From the usual features, Dungeon Gems featured on Mobile Watch with Jim, while Sam revisited Uncharted 2 in PlayBack. Matt also found the time this week to look at what little things could be done to vastly improve the new-gen consoles, looking at both the PS4 and Xbox One, whilst many of you chipped in with other improvements you would love to see.

Checking in with the Community articles, Don’t Starve follows The Bureau: XCOM Declassified in WeView, while Hot Topics in the Chronicle looked at Sony stopping first party AAA development for Vita, Wii U’s sales, and lastly Xbox One’s Cloud Integration.

Lastly, there was a Podcast Special rounding up E3, while Greg has this week’s What We Played with edition #162.

The new threads in the Forum this week include:

Well there we have it, it’s quite a busy weekend with Wimbledon and Glastonbury going on, but that inevitably means we’ll have rubbish weather! Oh well, until next week – bye!



  1. still only been playing the Wii U and have completely lost interest in PS4, strange because I never saw that coming. the Wii U is quickly becoming one my favourite consoles of all time.

    Anyone that hasn’t tried it, I urge you to give it a go. I reckon anyone that plays one for an hour or two would love it and almost certainly want one.

    MK8, Wind Waker, 3d Mario Land and Donkey Kong Country: TF are all absolutely amazing!

  2. Forgot about the plus point challenge. Will have to update my entry. Still not sure if the how the high scorers are managing it though.

    • I thought it ended last Sunday so uploaded my entry before then, not sure if I’ll have time to try and improve it.

    • I’ve entered but think i may have messed up. I was already 2/3 way through the campaign when i went back to replay the first level for the points challenge.
      Except, the diamonds i had collected on my previous playthrough weren’t reset when i replayed the level, showing all collected while i was playing, and then none collected at the final score screen, (humans still had to be rescued though) so i don’t know how that affected my overall score.
      And if i wasn’t now stuck at the final campaign boss i would delete my save and try again but i’ll have to make do and hope for the best..(i haven’t peeked at the other entries btw).
      Best of luck everyone!

  3. Unfortunately, I am off out this Friday in a poor bit of organising by the wife, so cannot host the Friday BF4 meet – However, I have said that it’s perfectly fine if someone else wants to arrange & host it (& if I am back in any sort of reasonable time, I may join). So it may be on, it may not.

    If no go this week though, things should return to normality next Friday.

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