What We Played #165: Wolfenstein, Ratchet & Sniper Elite III

With Greg off swanning around the continent, I’m afraid you lot are stuck with me for the next couple of weeks. Bad times, I know, but at least most of us have actually been gaming this week, spanning a variety of titles and platforms.

Blair kicks off our latest edition with Tomb Raider – the reboot that is, not the 1996 original. He also decided to revisit Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus in a bid to grab another platinum trophy for his virtual cabinet.

I’ve been pursuing a similar goal this week. Having checked The Last of Us off the list, I delved back into Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Getting the platinum is a long, repetitive process, forcing players to farm kills in order to earn bounties. I got there in the end however and after the final, abysmal boss fight, took home the grand prize.


My trophy fever has also lead me to Uncharted 3 once again. Having “platinum’d” the past two games, it would be rude not to round off the trilogy. With all treasures in the bag, all that’s left is a few miscellaneous tasks before returning it to the shelf.

Elsewhere, I’ve been pouring a couple of hours into DOTA 2 here and there. Sadly, without knowing many who play the game, I’m often left with randoms, who either turn out to be fantastic team players or absolute scum. It’s an emotive game, trust me.

Having “truly despised” Watch Dogs, Dan J got shot of it once and for all by trading it in (bold move). With the credit from this, he decided to buy Wolfenstein which is, as he puts it, “bloody brilliant.” When he hasn’t been gunning down Nazis, Dan has been toying with MotoGP though claims it isn’t much compared to Formula 1.

Keeping it short and sweet, Tuffcub has been plugging away at Killzone: Shadow Fall (surprise, surprise) as well as Wolfenstein, though he isn’t too keen on the game’s lengthy running time.

Mixing things up a bit, Dom has been juggling a spread of consoles, slotting time into Shin Megami Tensei as well as Mario Kart, Mario Land, Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem, and the awesome Titanfall.

Meanwhile Dan has been occupying himself with Ubisoft’s Child of Light. Aside from that he’s somehow been tricked into buying a copy of Knack (what a mug!) which he actually seems to like. He even had the audacity to call the PS4 launch title “competent” while also praising its visuals. Finally, he decided to boot up Outlast which he has kindly reviewed for us:


Aran is the third person on our list to play Wolfenstein this week, marking the game as brilliant. He also took a trip down memory lane with the Ratchet & Clank HD Trilogy which he is happy to recommend to PS Vita owners.

Last but not least we have Peter, who decided to bite the bullet and sit down with Sniper Elite III:

I played Sniper Elite III. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, thinking it would be a little one-dimensional, but it’s quite satisfying. I thought that sniping, moving, sniping would get boring quickly and it isn’t exactly varied, but it’s early in the game so it might open out a little bit. My favourite moment came when I found myself wondering if shooting the grenade on an enemy’s belt would make it explode, so I tried it and it worked! Much more fun than the super slow-mo x-ray death cam, even when it does show you popping eyeballs and testicles.

Go on then, what have you been playing?



  1. I’ve been revisiting Pixeljunk Shooter on the PS4 (oddly enough I’m not finding it as entertaining as the first time on PS3), but since last night’s Destiny taste I can tell that I’ll be playing that until the Beta ends.
    Ok, maybe I’ll stop shooting the Fallen for a bit to go kick some ass over Naruto’s new demo on the PS3. Just while the PS4 gets a deserved rest :)

    • I’ve been smothering myself in Shooter on the Vita, I agree not so great on the PS4, didn’t really enjoy the demo on the PS3 either, but it’s absolutely wonderful on the handheld, it suits the platform perfectly.

  2. Not often you hear complaints of games being too long these days – Surely that’s kind of a compliment in itself (in a kind of backwards way)? ;)

    Not a great deal going on for me this week thus far: Bit of Skate 2 with R1M (which is always good fun & am nearing ever closer to becoming a Legend), bit of BF4 (with more to follow this evening) & a bit of Doki Doki Universe.

    Didn’t really know what to expect from the latter, but there’s just enough of a game to keep you entertained. Plus it’s easy.

  3. Was too tired to put any real time into the destiny beta last night but will rectify that today. Been playing through sly cooper thieves in time, not because its a fairly easy plat but its 19gb on my hdd so it has to be finished. Also picked up the FF X/ X-2 remaster from psn which I have yet to start. Dragon’s Crown has been getting attention off and on as well. I think that is it.

  4. Played Uncharted: Golden Abyss earlier this week, not impressed, basically feels like one long gimmick, designed to sell the Vita’s unique features. Basically I’m very glad I got it off PS Plus rather than paying for it.

    Spent around four hours on the Destiny Beta. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to spend all night on it tonight and that’s coming from a guy who usually never touches online multiplayer.

  5. Finished off the career mode in WRC4 and a few of the specific rally/driver combo trophies. Still have a few more of those and the online trophies to go for platinum.
    As Forrest mentioned in his post, I played some Skate 2 multiplayer to aid him in his quest for platinum.
    Finished of my first play through of Blue Estate.
    Played through career mode of UFC which was reasonably good fun but it also led to my left analog stick ripping down the left hand side of the raised part … this was only partial bad news as it also led to me discovering that it also has a minor issue with the R2 button (I was having an issue with Trials in which I couldn’t clear gaps that I could before, however after switching to my spare DS4 I found that I could once again clear the gaps as I had previously).
    Playing some Trials in short bursts between other games in preparation for the 1st dlc pack which is apparently due out soon.
    Traded some stuff yesterday and picked up Lego Marvel and Bound by Flame for PS4.

  6. Lego Movie game, which is alright. About half way through the story, but will obviously have to replay every level at least once to complete it. Then about 15mins of Destiny Beta.

  7. Got back into Pokemon Heart Gold (why did I decide to nickname every pokemon? Why?!) and Fire Emblem Awakening (started over so I can save whenever, since fights can last for an hour and I can’t stand losing anyone) on the 3DS.

    Forza 5 (those rumble-triggers do make a difference, but there’s so few tracks!), Ryse (all the enemies are the same guy, but combat can get rather satisfying in a Guitar Hero way), Peggle 2 and a dab of Titanfall (double dipped ssince my PC insists on having issues with the game, got a custom Titanfall controller today… It’s sexy)on the XO.

    Played Super Mario Bros 3 last night with my sister, who is better than she has any right to be at that game…

    Going to give Destiny a go tonight, since the interwebs broke down yesterday.

  8. assassins creed iv for me!(picked it up cheap)
    a true return to form for the series.
    last couple of outings were a bit meh! to be fair.
    right I’m off to catch some shanty’s….

  9. I was quite impressed with the PS3 MotoGP 14 demo’s bike handling physics after completing MotoGP 13 on Vita, pretty much world’s apart, although anything intricate with the Vita’s controls will always be a challenge.
    Been blasting through Ratchet & Clank 1 on Vita from the free R&C trilogy (cross buy). Definately a higher difficulty level playing on Vita but entertaining and great fun as expected, still feels current ;)

  10. Love Dans review of Outlast, pretty much the exact same sentiment as me :-D

    Wolfenstein was a massive surprise to me too. I bought it as a stop gap really, to get me through a bit of a game drought, but it’s easily one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played so far this year. Thoroughly enjoyed it :-)

    My week has consisted of… Sniper Elite 3, trying desperately to get some multiplayer games in, to no avail (pre patch), after completing the campaign. Getting 100% of the trophies on Doki Doki Universe, again surprised by how much I enjoyed it. And finally, I treated myself to Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze on Wii U; I know people say it’s hard but damn, I wasn’t expecting it to be THAT hard! Great fun though :-)

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