Community Chronicle: 27/07/14

Back by popular demand, I’m going to talk about yesterday’s F1, and right at the moment that today’s race starts. I’ll just note how Lewis Hamilton probably needs to stop walking under quite so many ladders and cracking so many mirrors. On the one hand, he’s the unluckiest person in the F1 paddock when it comes to qualifying, but on the other, we’re in for another treat as he’ll have to muscle his way through the field once more.

Maybe this time he won’t clatter into the side of Jenson…


The UK decided it’s totally OK to pirate games and movies and stuff, this past week. OK, I’m vastly simplifying the matter, but the threat of criminal action has been removed and a campaign that will see warning letter sent to households to try and bring the act of piracy into a different light. In some cases, it might be alerting parents to the fact that their kids are pirating, and so on.

Baggyg thinks that “Even if the process seems lenient it is far better than the previous behavior of dubious lawyers (ACS:Law) sending demands for sometimes thousands of pounds to the connection owner someone who had no idea what was happening on their own network.”

Meanwhile, Severn2j said, “I think this is a good idea, to me piracy is something you just cant win against, its been around as long as its been possible to record media and always will be, so why waste resources trying to fight it?” This sparked quite a lively and fascinating discussion of the merits of the system and people’s changing attitudes as they grew up. Lyts1985, for example, replied to say, “I’m not saying I’m squeaky clean and have never pirated anything, but like a few others have said, it’s nice now I’m older to be able to build my collection of legitimate games/films/music/whatever as something I can keep and enjoy for many years.”

EA’s plans for Christmas took a couple big knocks this past week, as they announced the 6 week delay of Dragon Age: Inquisition, with gazo69 asking, “How much polish can be done in a month?” and Battlefield Hardline pushed right back into 2015.

TonyCawley jumped in to say:

This can only be good.

  1. A decreased chance of the massive bugs that have plagued previous battlefield games.
  2. A gap between cod and battlefield means I can play cod for a bit then trade it in for battlefield.
  3. A game will actually get released in that quiet new year period.

Bilbo_bobbins added that “It’s good to see they have learned a lesson from BF4 and not releasing it in a state and patching it up for 6 months after. The problem is, I think they quietly knew Destiny and COD would definitely create a massive dent in their sales too.”

However, it’s disappointing to see that Sony haven’t learnt from the PS3 when it comes to system software updates. As Microsoft released a healthy preview of their August update, bringing 3D Blu-ray playback to the Xbox One, Sony responded first with a 1.74 patch that promised more stability and then the announcement of 1.75, to add 3D Blu-ray playback to the PS4. Needless to say, people were a bit miffed a this series of events.

TSBonyman thought it was “a bit cheeky announcing another stability update when everyone is clamouring for much more.” Meanwhile, Kennykazey wittily remarked that the PS4 is now “So stable you can fit a horse in it.”

The cynic in me can’t help but think that Flightx is right, and that this was merely a reaction to Microsoft’s move, as he said, “It makes you wonder if sony would have released this [3D Blu-ray] update so soon if Microsoft hadn’t announced it.”

Here’s hoping that Sony can get their act together on the software updates, because it’s starting to harm the PS4’s reputation.



Looks like, even with the Destiny beta running, there’s a fair old bit to wade through here. However most of it is the completion of either a single player or multiplayer mode, rather than grabbing platinum trophies.

Case in point, Youles partnered up with McProley in order to get the multiplayer trophies, while Lyts1985 has done all of the single player trophies, but now needs a buddy in order to earn the online things. If that sounds like it could be you, give him a shout!

That co-operative spirit continued for Youles, as he, Gazzagb and R1MJAW nailed all of the co-op missions in Red Dead Redemption to a gold rank, before he then assisted Crazy_Del in getting the Brink platinum.

R1MJAW wasn’t done with just playing RDR, and took his 119th platinum trophy with Lego Marvel Superheroes. Tactical20 doesn’t think he has the patience to do the same for The Lego Move Videogame, having just finished the story, but element666 did persist with Putty Squad on PS4 to get the trophy after they patched in a fix.

Mick939 wasn’t too sure whether he should send in his recent platinum trophies for Mudered: Soul Suspect and Amazing Spider-Man 2, but I say he was definitely right to do so. Good work, there.

Parryman finished the Resistance: Burning Skies story on PS Vita, but is stalled there as it’s a rental game, while blast71 finished off Driver: San Fracisco’s single player trophies and the story of inFamous: City of Blood.

Finally, TonyCawley is ever so close to finishing off the Watch Dogs trophy list and earning himself a nice shiny platinum trophy, but he’s still got a few of those drinking games to get through. Good luck Tony!

A inferior race has been busily tapping your latest trophies into his tables, and you can head over to page 2 to view the latest 2014 leaderboards.

Following from recent efforts, if people want to keep sending photos in, I’ll be happy to post them, but gaming places isn’t a regular feature. If you fancy it, just use the submission form below, get in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to [email protected]

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  1. Ha, through the pack is becoming Hamilton’s trademark of late. Probably a good trade off though as he’d likely blitz the opposition from a leading start and make a procession of it. He’s really in form, although I’d never discount Rosberg even with a 1-2 grid start!

    • I agree, it was crazy to see him come back through the field like that (admittedly the rain and 2 SC’s helped him enormously), but it was still a great race all round.

      The Commonwealth Rugby 7’s was also brilliant, it’s been a top day of sport!

  2. Come on Lyts update your profile. I still know I’m not top.
    I’ve also had a great weekend at Tour de France. (Well done Niballi) not that you’d look here)). TdF doesn’t get enough coverage for me too.

    • Hmm that’s odd. I updated my profile last week and that was reflected in last weeks overall leaderboard – disappointed it doesn’t seem to be showing here as last weeks score was over 78k :-(

      If it helps Divid, by my calculations my current score is 79935 – making a 22.59% increase, leaving you trailing again… ;-) to be fair your starting point was a helluva lot higher than mine so it’s a lot tougher for you.

      Hopefully the next update will show the right score lol. I’m hoping to have added the New ‘n’ Tasty plat by then too.

  3. Arrgghh me reply deleted itself. Which it said something like I’m glad I’m not to anymore, it was a false position for me anyway.

    Hopefully you’ll be champion anyway. ;)

    • Oops Lyts it was meant in reply to you. He he.

      Parisian beer is better than I thought.

      • Haha we’ll see. Got 5 months to go yet mate. The new leaderboard’s certainly got me motivated to boost my trophy count though :-) cheers for the vote nonetheless… Not sure what I’ve done to deserve it! :-)

        Lol, that beer def seems to be doing the trick mate ;-)

  4. Many thanks for the update AIR – appreciated as ever. :)

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