Community Round-Up: 02/08/14

It was quite a busy week in terms of news, with EA announcing a new subscription service and PS Now launching into open beta across the pond. An oasis in the summer drought of releases appeared thank to The Last of Us Remastered, and I’ve already been seeing some quite pretty screenshots (although I’m still trying to avoid spoilers as I haven’t played the game yet). So, as you can probably tell, we’ve got a fair amount to get through in this week’s Community Round-Up!


It looks like last night’s Battlefield meet had a great turnout, and I guess we can expect the same thing for this week. Joining the Battlefield meet this week will be Monday night’s usual GT6 Meet and Wednesday night’s Red Dead Meet.

If you fancy something different, you can always add your own Meet to the list, provided you have more than 250 TSA Points.

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Looking at the Reviews, it was fairly quiet this week, with Dan giving an 8/10 to The Swapper, a game that sees you take control of up to 4 clones to complete challenging puzzles, while Jim was disappointed by Sacred 3, saying it was far too simplified for its own good, giving it a middling 5/10.

Thankfully, it was a bit busier on the Preview front, as Jim started the week with a look at Natural Doctrine, an RPG coming to PS4, PS3 and Vita. Stefan then looked at Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, which was announced at E3 and is shaping up to be a great co-op game, balancing puzzle and action sections. He also spoke with Kenji Kanno about Crazy Taxi City Rush, and the possibility of seeing a Crazy Taxi game coming to consoles in the future.

The last preview came from Blair, who looked at Yoshi’s Woolly World and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, two spin-off games featuring Nintendo’s supporting characters, although very different from what we’ve seen before. Woolly World is (unsurprisingly) set in a knitted world, while Treasure Tracker is an isometric puzzle game.

Following the news of EA’s new subscription model on Xbox One, Jim asked who will benefit most from EA Access, and what with The Last of Us Remastered being released yesterday, he has also been sharing some tips for the trophy hunters among you, as well as some advice about surviving in the multiplayer game and looking back on some of our story highlights – something which I’m unable to read right now!

Mobile Watch this week featured Deep Loot with Blair, while Dragon Age 2 was revisited by Sam in PlayBack. Recap of TSA’s Ones To Watch 2014 has continued, with recaps this week including Indies, Vita, 3DS and Wii U.

Looking at the community articles, the Chronicle showcased discussions about piracy, EA’s revised release schedule and firmware updates in Hot Topics. WeView did something a tad different this week, as it looked at Destiny’s Beta, asking you if you will be buying it or avoiding it come it’s release in September, while the recommendation for Octodad was to wait for it to go on sale.

Finishing off with the way we usually do, there’s What We Played #166, featuring the Destiny beta and our two reviewed games, The Swapper and Sacred 3. The Podcast took a week off this time around, but it will be back on Monday.

The Forums didn’t see much action with week, with no new threads being created, but there was still plenty of discussion in our older threads:

I won’t be here next week as I’m on holiday, but I shall be back the week after. So until then, bye!



  1. At home from hospital.laying here just staring at my sealed copy of the last of us,
    .soon .very soon.
    Been on the site every day catching up.not a lot I can do apart from look at the ceiling.
    **sobs himself to sleep**

    • sorry to hear you been poorly, get well soon mate. at least you’ve got one of the greatest games ever to look forward to!. ive been playing all wknd and the new resolution and frame rate make all the difference, plays even better than before. loving the mp aswell

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