What We Played #173: Minecraft, Flockers & Destiny

With everyone seemingly too busy playing Destiny to let me know that they’re playing Destiny it is a short What We Played this week. For myself, I’ve been playing Destiny and find myself agreeing with Stefan. There’s also been plenty of Warframe occupying my PS4 as usual.

Blair has found himself waiting around for some new hardware of a fairly mundane sort:


I’ve been waiting for what feels like years for my replacement PS Vita charger to arrive so I can play Velocity 2X on it… it feels as though it’ll be better on there as opposed to PS4.

I played some Destiny with Peter and Aran, and then some more with Peter and Tef. It’s so much fun in co-op, but doesn’t feel quite as fun as the similar Borderlands yet. Saying that, I’ve only played a couple of hours.

As mentioned above, Peter has also been playing Destiny, but has only got “as far as the beta had already allowed”. “t’s a lot of fun, in spite of reusing the same areas a bit too regularly and the missions feeling a little samey. The core gameplay is quite similar to Halo too so it’s great to see those PlayStation fans experiencing that style done so well for perhaps the first time.”

He’s also played “the FIFA 15 demo on both the Xbox One and PS4”. “It was initially quite disappointing because the momentum made it feel like there’s far too many frames of animation priority when I’m trying to do anything on the pitch. I’m getting used to it though, slowly”. He’s reviewing that one so hopes that it’ll click when he spends a bit more time with the game.

Contributing far more words than me to this article is Dan J:

I’ve been completely engrossed by Minecraft this week on the PS4. I hate pixel-art games usually, but Minecraft is something special. I’ve quite high up on the leaderboards which probably tells me I’ve been playing it too much. The map size is noticeably bigger in size compared to the PS3 edition, so much so I haven’t even managed to find a village yet after hours of exploration! I have, however, managed to build a village of my own including a huge farm. There was even an enemy stronghold located deep beneath my home too.

Other than that I’ve played Flockers for a review. Unfortunately it’s really sluggish on the PS4, but I imagine it’s extremely fun to play on the PC with a mouse.

I’ve also played a little of Velocity 2X. It’s bloody brilliant. Fast paced, explosive and has lots of new additions from Velocity Ultra.

Destiny has just come out too, which I haven’t played a lot of yet. I absolutely loved the Beta and just couldn’t resist buying the full game, even if I can’t afford it right now. I’m only level 3 at the moment though, and with Minecraft taking up most my time, I think I might hold off on Destiny for the time being… if I can.

Lastly I’ve had a few online matches on Call of Duty: Ghosts. I saw the season pass going for £11.99 on Twitter the other day which I thought it was too good to miss. The new maps (12 overall) are much better than the ones included in the normal game in my opinion, so I’m very satisfied with my purchase. There’s even a Predator statue in the Ruins level which I love.

Tuffcub would like you all to know that some of his gaming this week took place “whilst going up the side of an active volcano”. That was a suitably Pandoran landscape for him to be playing Borderlands 2 in. And in case that was not enough there was also “a tiny bit of Velocity x2 which I played in actual Jurassic Park”. I get the impression he’s not wandering around London this week.

Right, I’m off to play more Destiny. Have you played anything else this week?



  1. No, I haven’t played the hysterically hyped Destiny this week.
    I’ve been playing the rather brilliant Velocity 2X on my Vita. Almost on the last mission now, still loving it.

    • Same for me. I love the combination of genres works unexpectedly well and just when I think I’m going to get bored of samey gameplay things change just enough to keep me interested. Great game, half way through, never gonna get the platinum but that’s making it even easier to enjoy all the peow peow schwooming!

      • Yes, the combination works well, platforming takes a little bit of getting used to but it’s a good addition. Story is pretty cool as well, it’s worth following.

    • Amazing. I’m doing the exact opposite of what you are doing.

  2. No Destiny for me either, the idea of it is nice, but found it dull.

    Due to the ever-unreliable PSN I kept getting kicked from TLOU servers (as did others) so I was ‘forced’ to do more Sniper Elite 3 on Authentic mode. Just two more levels to go! May try and rope someone in for the last two to make it easier.

    Played the FIFA 15 demo, made myself a bit sick by beating City 3-0 and supposedly winning Liverpool the league. Love the pitch damage, crowds, chants, advertising boards. Also enjoyed the slightly slower pace, means people can’t just use pace to win or do 50 one-touch passes. Some nice new player animations although there still appeared to be some ice-skating animations in places. Faster menus are by far the greatest feature though!

    Also had another go at P.T., which I think was different to my first go. Think I would be too scared to play the full game though.

    Tried the Minecraft demo. No wonder people are addicted to it, could get lost in the, so best I don’t buy it really.

    My PS4 crashed for the first time yesterday and wouldn’t turn off. Had to hold the power button down to get it into safe mode. Scared the shit out of me.

    On PS3 just some Red Dead Redemption with gazzagb; we managed to complete two of the six Advanced Co-op Missions, and get a Gold rank on both. Just four more to do!

    No Vita this week.

    Lots of Might & Magic Clash of Heroes on my iPhone.

  3. @Blair Unless the Vita’s charge/data cable has been torn/sliced/lost/stolen then can’t you just charge the Vita from any USB source?….just ignore this if you’ve mentioned somewhere of it’s demise!

    • Yep. Grab a USB charger for a tablet (I think the Vita one is 1.5A and an iPad one is 2A, or something), and plug your Vita into that.

      If the cable’s broken, then Game sell an own brand one for a couple of quid. It’s worth getting a couple extras, definitely.

  4. I have been playing Destiny. Overall I am enjoying the game, combat is fun and the story missions are well structured even if the story itself is a bit thin. My main issues at the moment are the repetitive, dull locations and the lengthy loading times. With every passing hour of game time I also find myself wanting a single player mode more and more, so I’m not sure if Destiny can hold my attention long term.

    • That’s a good enough review for me, I won’t be partaking in the game if it has unnecessarily lengthy load times with an end destination of repetitive irkdom…balls to that shite!

      • Load times only factor in when leaving or returning to a planet or the tower. Which granted, for the story missions can be quite often.

        However, once you go on patrol on a planet (effectively free-roam), you just get the one load & then you can run around to your hearts content picking up missions, completing objectives & shooting mo-fo’s without a single load screen. I spent a couple of hours on Saturday doing just this & it was great fun.

        Locations however are the locations & if they aren’t to your taste/don’t excite you, then I can’t see that changing any time soon.

  5. Finally finished my first SP round in the last of us, now onto my second play through which I need to start today. Finally booted up Diablo, it’s not what I expected at all, I don’t know what I was expecting but this was not it.

    Played a bit of destiny, think it will be sold by Monday the only good thing destiny brought me was a white pad to add to my already awesome pad colours

  6. Picked up Destiny earlier this week but, I dunno, I just don’t find myself compelled to play it. The load times are tedious, the story has been naff so far and the gameplay, while fun, has been painfully repetitive when it comes to the story missions.

    Instead I’ve jumped back on Fifa14 and am mopping up the last couple of achievements I need in preparation for Fifa15 (loved the demo btw). The sticking point for me is going to be “play a Seasons match in Pro Clubs”. I’ve joined an open squad of 50 people but no one is ever online. Very annoying.

    • “Picked up Destiny earlier this week but, I dunno, I just don’t find myself compelled to play it.”
      I’ve heard similar statements from nearly everyone I know who bought a copy. ‘Played it once, said it was OK, don’t feel compelled to go back to it straight away but will at some point.’

      • From what I’ve read and seen (and listened to) the repetition is utterly effing hideous!

      • Same. Even with the Beta I was bored after 3 missions. The same enemies, the same scenery, the same path, the same lack of any engaging story. Can’t say I’m surprised by the reaction. And if I see one more screen-shot of that fucking moon!!

      • It certainly seems my impressions from the Beta are the same as most peoples full game impressions.
        That shot of the Moon is annoying. Thank god I deleted the Beta off my PS4 after about 3 hours game time so I never got to visit it.

      • It was about 3 missions until I was bored to tears on the Beta as well. The game has no soul. I have seen no sign of the rich narration which was advertised. Nice graphics and shooty guns alone does not a great game make. Not for me anyway.

      • Oh its definitely repetitive. Pretty much every mission follows the formula of: long load time, spawn on planet, head over to waypoint killing bad guys on the way, kill more bad guys until you reach a terminal, hack terminal while killing hordes of enemies, collect some loot, rinse, repeat.

        The loot isn’t all that interesting either unfortunately. Typically you will wear a piece of armour until you find a piece with a larger number. Swap them over and trash the old one. No interesting stats such as buffs/debuffs.

        I appreciate the game’s production levels but overall Destiny could not be any more flat and generic.

      • I’m kind of pleased that i’m not the only one who finds Destiny rather bland. I maxed all 3 classes in the beta and really tried to like it but it didn’t grab me at all.

      • Same here Carrot, well… more surprised. I’ve had a lot of negativity towards new games lately and think a lot of games are being over hyped but most people normally disagree. As for Destiny though, a lot of people are having similar opinions.
        I read what I thought was a really good review on a New Zealand Gaming Site which gave Destiny a 7/10, and what was written pretty much confirmed all of my predictions to how I thought the game would be after the Beta.

    • 7/10 is a very suitable score IMO. The core product is solid enough but leaves a lot to be desired. The repetition, poor mission structure and infuriating load times just strangle most of the goodness in the game. I plan to persevere for now, but don’t see it being a long term game for me.

      • I’ve just seen that Polygon gave it a 6/10 & after reading their comments (especially on the social side) & just watching my friend play it for 2 hours I think I’m in agreement.
        I’m beginning to think this needs some award for the biggest AAA hyped video game farce ever lol
        & whilst typing this on my iphone & browsing on my laptop I see another site has just given it 5/10 & another 3/5 (which must equate to 5or6 out of 10).
        This is getting surprising.

  7. Hammering Divinity Original Sin when I have time. It’s one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played. Co-op and turn-based combat (the latter I’ve always disliked but it’s stunningly done in Divinity). I really hope the game makes it to the consoles but I’m not sure it will. The great Metacritic scores are very much deserved.

    A quick example of the combat as it’s turn based so wonderful things can be set-up. Oil thrown down to slow down enemies. Poison ooze thrown down to poison them and damage them each turn for three turns. I stand just outside of double-puddle trouble. :-) I then notice a normal torch (on a pole) to light the cave. It wasn’t on. I switch it on and it sets fire to the puddles of highly combustible liquids. Massive damage incurred to all enemies standing in it. Enemies halve in number. I sit there chuckling at how well thought out the game is (esp. using elemental effects).

    Anyway, this and Dead Rising 3 on the PC, with Tef. Lovely, silly fun and quite the antithesis to Divinity.

  8. No Destiny or Metro Redux for that matter. In the words of Public Enemy – Don’t believe the Hype!

    I’ve been on BF4, a little bit of TLOU, Pinball Arcade and smashed my high score on Resogun’s survival mode… 52 million! :)
    Now waiting for FIFA 15 and avoiding the demo.

    • Really enjoyed the Fifa demo. Feels like a big step up from Fifa 14 so hopefully you find it worth the wait :)

  9. After the weview, I picked up Wolfenstein for PS4, and yeah, it’s absolutely great! Also played a little bit of Far Cry Classic on PS3, also fun. Hyped I’ve actually got stuff to play!!!!

  10. Played through the first few hours of Destiny. I’m quite enjoying it but my Diablo addiction keeps drawing me back to hunt for loot.

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