What We Played #178: Destiny, Borderlands & Styx

In terms of gaming, it seems to have been a surprisingly quiet week here at TSA Towers. Either that or our writers are simply too transfixed on what they’re playing that they haven’t the time to inform the general public. Either way, this week’s edition of WWP is short and sweet.

One game still doing the rounds is Bungie’s divisive MMO/FPS hybrid, Destiny. Although a minority (including myself) haven’t touched it since launch week, many TSA regulars have been hammering away at the Activision best-seller on a near-nightly basis. Having reached the end of the Destiny’s conventional singleplayer trappings, both Blair and Tef have found themselves embroiled in endgame content. For those who don’t know, reaching Destiny’s modest level cap is only the beginning with players then having to accrue “Light” via flashy, rare loot. It’s a bit of a slog yet, as in many MMOs, legions of players have consistently returned to the game in order to find those all-important Legendary Engrams.

For Blair and Tef, the hunt has led them to Destiny’s first and only raid, the Vault of Glass. Not accessible via traditional matchmaking, this mode relies on players to form their own fire-teams before braving a scenario specifically meant for precise, tactical team play. Needless to say it’s tough, especially if you’re looking to blitz it on a higher difficulty setting.

Switching to another sci-fi first person shooter, Blair has also spent a bit of time with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Praising the game’s focus on co-operative play, he also went out of his way to talk about the loot system, which he much prefers to Desinty’s. You can read his justification here.

Tef has also been mixing things up a little this week, sneaking a fair few hours into Styx: Master of Shadows. Ironically, the Cyanide developed title slipped under the radar though we’ll have a review on-site in the coming days. Tef’s impressions are mixed; on one hand he’s picked up on the number of bugs there are, as well as the lack of checkpoints. However, he’s been equally as vocal when it comes to just how hardcore the gameplay really is, eschewing combat for a true-to-form stealth action title.

As for me, it’s been another mixed week. Having tied up our review for Skylanders: Trap Team I then turned my focus to Samurai Warriors 4 – easily the best Musou game available on new-gen platforms. Aside from that, I’ve had a fair few kick-abouts on FIFA 15, as well as returning to my PlayStation 3 to catch this week’s hot PSN deals. For just over £7 I managed to net myself Season 2 of The Walking Dead. Like its predecessor, it’s a slow-starting game yet one that’s already forced me to make numerous tough choices within the first hour of play.

Finally, having only just watched Valve’s “Free To Play” documentary, I decided to go ahead and reinstall DOTA 2. Having poured an embarrassing number of hours into the game I decided to wipe it from my PC during the Summer after realising just how much time I had spent gorging myself on the superb MOBA. Though I’ve yet to actually play a round this week, I’m sure the weekend will give me plenty of opportunities to grab maybe one or two matches.



  1. I’ve just managed to platinum Dust an elysian tail, my 40th plat. A very enjoyable game I might even play it again on a different profile. I’ve also had time to play a bit of FIFA 15. Also happy that I got my red controller back from Sony repairs. It only took a week. My next controller will be sent next week.

    • Was enjoying Dust a great deal until i discovered the joys of Rainbow Moon and (as of yesterday) Driveclub. Will definitely get back onto it though cos it’s a lovely game.

  2. Ive been busy with other stuff, but I managed a bit of Destiny last night with Tef, and I’m playing Tiny Troopers on PS Vita for review next week.

  3. Played a bit of MXGP also played a few games of Battlefied 4 but the ping’s on the servers have gone through the roof causing a horrible experience,bit of Peggle mixed in with a little Fifa and Zen2,but mostly been playing DriveClub Borderlands TPS and working my way through Sleeping Dogs on the final few missions.

  4. Shadow of mordor finally platinum it after some complications with the 25 rune trophy.

    Played some evil within, I don’t know what my feelings are, it’s not scary that’s for sure. Some fifa 15, I don’t understand how it went from being a good game to being awful!! But anywho that’s all me

  5. Tales of Xillia and a little bit of Destiny for me.

  6. Still mainly playing Diablo on PS4, up to paragon 222 now.
    Wee bits of Peggle 2, Driveclub and Trials.
    More Fantasy Life on 3DS, have reached Master level on 9 of the 12 lives now.

  7. Peggle 2 and it’s DLC. Finished all the levels and trials, and done about 130 of the extra objectives, so just 2 trophies left until the platinum.

    Singstar arrived today, so no doubt wife and her mates will be playing that over the weekend while I go to the pub!

  8. Grabbed Peggle 2 during the week and sat down to play it. It’s very polished and i love all the new music but it’s essentially still just Peggle. But that’s no bad thing i guess.I whizzed through 3/4 of the levels in an hour or so but there’s also trials for each character and online party mode, ntm all those level targets i didn’t achieve so i won’t be done with it for a while yet.

    Mostly this week though it’s been Driveclub for me, although i only get an hour most evenings i’ve managed to level up to 22 and i joined my friends club. However he hasn’t signed in since he invited me to join and i’m the only one contributing to the club so we’re only at level 4. He also has an XB1 so i’m guessing he has been distracted by Forza Horizon 2. :)
    The more i play Driveclub the more i love it, the handling and visuals allow for such immersion that i’m constantly leaning in my seat as i navigate the tracks, never enjoyed playing from the cockpit pov until now either but this just feels bang on. I’ve even played some online and apart from the known issues i quite enjoyed it – but is it normal for your heart to be thumping so hard after you’ve just overtaken the idiot who bashed you a few moments ago as you both dash for the finish line? :)

    And Minecraft, i began a new world from scratch so… yeah.. that’s not going to end anytime soon.. :/

  9. I’ve mostly been playing Minecraft with my wee nephew, and I managed a couple of sessions on Far Cry 3 to mop up the remaining trophies.

  10. I’ve been winding my way through KZ Shadow Fall’s story. Towards the end it’s had its moments of being quite hard (on normal) and I’m enjoying it way more now that there’s a challenge. I’m gonna stick with my scathing remarks because I think it should’ve had more enemies all the way through, the challenge is fun but breezing through big open areas or corridors with two dumb grunts in isnt. It’s pretty though, definitely very pretty. Oh and Minecraft on my Vita, Ive never played it before but I’m hooked now, my four story oak beam mansion with accompanying underground cavern access is coming along very well.

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