F1 2015 Roars Onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC This June

The engines sound a bit different, so it might be more of a whine at times, but the next generation of F1 games is finally upon us. True to their word, Codemasters and distributing partner Bandai Namco have revealed that F1 2015 will be landing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in June of this year, breaking with the previous release schedule which saw F1 games appear in September to October.

With a new version of the EGO game engine and a new “broadcast presentation” style, alongside a new handling system and tyre model, this looks set to be the shot in the arm that the series has wanted for a while. Arriving much earlier in the season than before, Codies are also bundling in the 2014 season content alongside the 2015 cars and tracks (which means you’ll still be able to go and race in Germany, for example). It’s those 2014 cars which feature in the below screenshots alongside the returning Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez for the Mexican Grand Prix, as they are right in the middle of modelling the finalised cars from the first few races of the year.


In terms of game modes, you’ll have your standard Championship Season mode, Quick Races and the usual bevy of online racing, but there is also something called Pro Season. It’s unclear what that actually entails, but there’s a notable absence of information about how Codies will support and update the in game content through the year, which was a key point they emphasised when revealed the shifting release for 2015 and beyond, last year.

Amusingly, there will also be support for voice commands in the game, so that you can talk to your race engineer. You might want updates on the weather, tyres or ask for front wing adjustments, but if the engineer’s anything like it was in previous games, I’m personally hoping they support the odd Kimi-ism.

Source: press release, Codemasters Blog



  1. Finally!
    I hope they stick to the plan of updating the game throughout the season and there is a big improvement to the physics.
    I’m glad they’re going to include the 2014 season as this was a nice touch in Milestone’s MotoGP 14.
    Looking forward to the first gameplay footage but I’m cautiously optimistic.

  2. Suffice to say I’m skeptical. Those screenshots don’t look fantastic. Sharper, with more assets on screen yes, but I was expecting some pretty cool effects. Hopefully they’ll be some better visuals on display when a trailer arrives.

    I also don’t have faith that they have what it takes to bring the physics and gameplay up to where it should be. They’d have to nail AI and driving physics, as well do away with all the shit about wider audiences and just do all the easy stuff for people yes, but get on with full weekends, in-depth tuning, tight contract systems and so forth. I’m just about fed up of being alienated because Codemasters want to appeal to a bigger audience.

    Also for the online to be remotely attractive, they’d have to organise something like a licensing system. Can’t be bothered with the same twats who think it’s demolition derby.

    • Ah come on, F1 Showdown was great fun online! ;)

  3. Nice to see the 2014 season bundled in with it. Looking forward to this more than any other game for PS4, oh except for P Cars, which we may get before Codies game.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if PCars Formula A does a better job of recreating the F1 experience than this does (presentation excepted of course)

    • Chances are that SMS will push Project CARS back to June, then find out that they’re releasing on the same day as F1 2015 and some major GTA V patch, and then postpone it again to July.

      • Let’s hope not because PCars looks brill and I agree with hornet that it’s Formula A could outshine Codies.

      • I hope they don’t push it back again or it’s going to get a reputation like the GT games.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if Formula A is better, there’s no licences to stick to or teams to keep happy.

  4. Great news, Project Cars then this a month later. Hope they have gone back to including all sessions, if the handling has changed that much we’ll be needing them. 2014 cars and tracks is a nice touch, just hope all 2015 cars are ready for launch and not patched in throughout the season as was previously said.

    Really cannot wait, Driveclub and the Crew have been fun but mainly used to keep my eye in for the serious racers to come!

  5. Yes! I’m glad this is coming soon, should keep me occupied during the mid-season break too. 4 weeks is too long to wait for F1 action.

    • Mid season is a killer, especially with the following race being Spa. Love that track.

      • Agreed, having to wait for that race is agony. Wonder if Nico and Lewis will clash again?!? Lol

      • Couldn’t reply to you for some reason!

        That would be funny if it happened again, I just don’t think Nico is going to be as close this year. Hamilton looks like he’s hitting his stride now, scary stuff for everyone else.

        Looking forward to Malaysia, Bottas back will spice up the best of the rest battle.

  6. Yes! Engine noise shouldn’t be a problem as unlike watching it on telly, we should be able to adjust it in the menu! That V6 Turbo!

  7. Just not sure, maybe…maybe not!

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