Something For The Weekend – 07/07/18

I can’t see many of us getting much gaming done today, thanks to the British Grand Prix, Wimbledon and of course, the England–Sweden game. Even if you’ve got absolutely no interest in sports, maybe you’re having a BBQ to enjoy this fine weather, or perhaps you’re celebrating Pride?

Let me know what you’re up to this weekend, and if you are getting some gaming in, don’t forget to take advantage of Onrush’s free weekend!

In the News This Week

Games in Review

Tuffcub described our top review this week as a “remaster no one was asking for, but has turned out to be a welcome surprise”…

Reviewed platform in bold.

This Week’s Features

It was a fairly quiet week all round, but Teflon got us started with a look at Jump Force, a 3v3 tag team fighting game that features famous manga heroes and villains battling it out, although it sounds like it needs a fair bit of work before it’s release. Staying with the anime theme, he also played My Hero One’s Justice, another 3D battler, however this one sounds like it has far more promise.

Next, he moved on to the Battlefield V Closed Alpha, sharing his thoughts as well as this video below.

Tef’s last preview was for the ‘wonderfully squishy’ puzzle platformer Semblance, while Jake took a look at how Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy fares on the Switch.

Wrapping up, Jason looked back over the Dark Souls series to look at what each game did best, while What We Played featured Red Faction Guerrilla, The Crew 2 & Octopath Traveller.

Trailer Park

Check Out 20 Minutes Of Anthem Gameplay, Narrated By The Lead Producer

Two Point Hospital Gets A New Trailer

Your Achievements

Let’s check in with the community this week:

  • tactical20 picked up Mass Effect Andromeda for just a fiver this week and is enjoying it so far.
  • Black Ops III wasn’t TSBonyman’s cup of tea, so he went back to the “beautiful game” that is No Man’s Sky.
  • hornet1990 is struggling through the ‘dire’ CoD:Infinite Warfare, declaring he’s done “with anything by Infinity Ward and future based CoDs in general”!
  • Crazy_Del nabbed the platinum for The Crew 2 in under 30hrs, and also for Burly Men at Sea.
  • MrYd tried out the PS+ games, and also made the mistake of trying Skyrim VR in this heat!
  • Andrewww played some HZD and Elite Dangerous.
  • Ron_mcphatty played the “gorgeous” Gravity Rush 2, and wonders if anyone has played EverSpace which is currently on sale?
  • And last up, gernboes got back into GR Wildlands with some work colleagues, and started his own cocaine business in GTA V!

If you want to be included in this section, make sure to comment on What We Played of a Friday evening.

The Week Ahead

Thankfully a few more releases than last week!

  • Defiance 2050 – PS4, XBO, PC – 10/07
  • Insane Robots PS4, XBO, PC – 10/07
  • The Lion’s Song – Switch – 10/07
  • Warhammer: Vermintide 2  – XBO – 11/07
  • Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard – PS4, XBO, PC – 13/07
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – Switch, 3DS – 13/07
  • Earthfall – PS4, XBO, PC – 13/07

Enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you next week!



  1. Great win today! I’m not into football but that seemed like a good game, the pressures on now!

    • Is it coming home?

      • Hah, that’s a good way to provoke some rage in me! No, at no point has it ever been coming home since we started singing that bloody song. Football lives in Sett Blatter’s desk drawer along with massive, fat wads of cash and photos of all the footballers shagging minors and other people’s wives. It also holds weighted dice, spare ace playing cards and a giant foam hand with the middle finger up so he can grin at 24 hour news channels with the hand held high whilst in private and then carry on being a massive bellend whilst sporting a neutral and dismissive expression in public. Actually, there’s nothing sporting about him or FIFA, so it was nice to see some very good sporting behaviour in between all the outright violence on the pitch these last few weeks. Put Chumbawumba on.

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