Something for the Weekend – 27/06/20

The UK was blasted by a heatwave this week, which thankfully seems to have dissipated as we head into the weekend. Speaking of the weekend, what have you got planned? Continuing with The Last of Us Part II maybe? Or has anyone picked up a few titles either in the PlayStation sale or the Steam Summer Sale?

In the News This Week

There was also a darker side to the news this week, that will almost certainly keep resurfacing over the coming weeks and months.

Games in Review

There was quite a variety of reviews this week, from RPG’s to remasters to racing games. Check them out below:

And there were a couple of hardware reviews too:

Featured Articles

Last week was very preview and interview heavy, but this week was a quieter affair. Stefan kicked things off with a look at DiRT 5, which is directed more towards the arcade racing crowd than the serious simmers of Rally 2.0.

Meanwhile, Dom played what could be Animal Crossing fans’ “next addiction”, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. It’s a remake of one of the games that inspired the creation of the crazily popular Stardew Valley, which sounds pretty great to me!

Last up, What We Played featured The Last of Us Part II, Control & Beat Saber.

Trailer Park

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time Reveal Trailer

Cyberpunk 2077 Braindance Gameplay

Surgeon Simulator 2 Gameplay Overview Trailer

Biomutant Gameplay Trailer

Your Achievements

Here’s what the community has been up to this week:

  • I’m sure absolutely no-one was surprised to hear that by Monday, Crazy_Del had already bagged the platinum for The Last of Us Part 2! He’s since moved on to Metro Exodus which I’m sure won’t last very long either!
  • TSBonyman is also enjoying The Last of Us Part 2, but can also be sympathetic to some of the controversy and that ‘event’. However, ron_mcphatty and Andrewww are on the other side though and think it was a ‘great narrative driving force’. Andrewww also got his projector working again, which enabled him to mop up some Bloodborne trophies too.

Enjoy your weekends and I’ll be back soon!