Guest Articles

GW: Operation Fighting Game: Frustration Rising

Peespee63 tells us that fighting games are very, very hard.

GW: Is Console Gaming Turning Elitist?

Elitism + consoles? Let’s hope not. Brendancalls discusses.

GW: Turrets Syndrome

Get it? Turrets syndrome? Tourrettes syndrome? Brilliant stuff, oMega-W.

GW: Gaming Fickleness

Hannes_Truce discusses his fickleness when it comes to gaming.

GW: Celebrity Gamers

Another gem from Hannes_Truce

GW: The Pessimist

How does a pessimist see one of this year’s best games?

GW: Game Ideas

How do those game-pitches really go? Hannes lets us in on them…

GW: Consoles Vs PC

A plea for sanity from a TSA member who loves his consoles

GW: Game Age

One of TSA’s original forum fixtures displays his natural wit and caring nature.

GW: Choices

Funny, interesting, thought provoking and entertaining. That’ll be the TSA community then.

GW: Demographics

Back once again for the renegade master… or Michael.

Abridged Too Far – Six

I don’t know how he does it every week either but here it is…

GW: Gamer Habitats

Another really funny and incisive piece from a TSA regular.

GW: Strive to Achieve

A passionate account of one man’s drive for success on the Killing fields.

Abridged too Far – Five

A triumphant return for my personal favourite TSA feature.

GW: MGO – What Happened?

Ever wonder what’s going on in Metal Gear Online?