PS3 Trophies

AfterBurner Climax Trophies

We think this is another exclusive list.

Trophy World: 17/04/10

Sam and Max journey to the Wild West…

Trophy World 10/04/10

Ready to make levels in hell?

Trophy World 03/04/10

Sonic, you ready to get Lost In Space?

Red Dead Redemption Screens

And Trophies/Achievements…

Trophy World 27/03/10

Want to play Hamster Ball with Gay Tony?

Trophy World 20/03/10

Ready to hit some waves and eat fish?

Exclusive: Wakeboarding HD Trophies

World Exclusive – get your Silverware here.

Trophy World 13/03/10

A quiet week for Trophies?

Trophy World 06/03/10

Magic isn’t going to help you break out of Prison…

Trophy World 27/02/10

O’ Zeus! Kratos is back for his revenge…

God of War III Trophies

A Platinum you will never get.

Trophy World 20/02/10

Is General Knoxx a Yakuza with a Just Cause?

Trophy World 13/02/10

Do you think Sonic will get lost in the Dark Forest?

Trophy World 06/02/10

Are you a nice hero?

Grouping of Trophies Begin

Apparently Darksiders will be receiving DLC as well.