Review of the Year 2011: May

This May was, just like every year, full of E3 teasing and rumours. Before the end of the month, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Modern Warfare 3, Hitman: Absolution and Starhawk had all been officially announced, and the internet was abuzz with theories about the Wii 2, NGP, and the future of Xbox.

The biggest news of the month was probably the Modern Warfare 3 reveal – ruined slightly by a massive leak over at Kotaku – and of course the first thing the tabloids talked about was the “terrorist attack” scenes in London and elsewhere.


Behind the scenes, there had been plenty of disruption following MW2’s release, and that was reflected in the collaborative development of the third instalment – Sledgehammer Games collaborated with Infinity Ward on the game’s campaign, Raven Software assisted with multiplayer, and Beachhead Studios headed up the series’ subscription service debut, Call of Duty: Elite (also announced in April).

Elsewhere in games news, a soon-shuttered games blog revealed the NGP would be coming to retail as the ‘PlayStation Vita’, a name effectively confirmed by the discovery of Vita-titled pages on Sony’s developer site. On the 15th, someone noticed the power cable had fallen out the back of the PSN and started it back up, with the Store just missing the end of the month.

Sony also revealed the contents of the “Welcome Back” package – designed to soothe gamers fustrated by the lack of network access – including a couple of free PS3 and PSP games, and extensions on subscription services.

There was more good news at the tail end of the month when it was revealed David O’Russell was leaving the Uncharted movie project; his plans for the film, accompanied by a potential casting of “Marky” Mark Wahlberg in the lead role, hadn’t gone down particularly well with fans of the series.

In May, TSA posted 438 posts, including a personal favourite – Tuffcub’s Magical Sue-Sony-a-Tron. In terms of new releases, console gamers got their hands on the long-awaited L.A. Noire, as well as Brink, Lego Pirates of the Carribean, Dirt 3, and F3AR.

PC gamers could also pick up The Witcher 2, while the Xbox 360 version remains missing in action to this day. It was also a big month for cinemas, with the first of the summer blockbusters arriving in the form of Thor, The Hangover 2, and Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides.

Outside of gaming, there was big news on the global stage when Osama bin Laden was shot dead during a military operation, bringing to an end a ten-year search for the terrorist leader following the September 11th attacks.

Here in Britain, additional headlines were generated by the rejection of the alternative vote system in a referendum promised as part of the coalition agreement.

Join us tomorrow for more secrets of the past, this time from June.



  1. I bought Brink and LA Noire, neither have been finished yet. Both are worthy of completion though so I’ll add them to the never ending “To Do” list. :(

    • …..and Dirt 3.

    • I bought L.A. Noire and haven’t even touched it yet. I wasn’t impressed by any of the trailers and even the facial animation didn’t spark my interest so I’m still not sure why I even bothered buying it in the first place… A few days ago I was thinking about what I could play during my time off from work and I thought about playing L.A. Noire but instead ordered WKC2…
      Maybe someday I will give it a go…

      • You should play it, it’s very good however as R4U Eldave0 says below, it’s a bit repetitive. Not the ideal game to sit and session all the way through.

      • I loved LA Noire, which surprised me as I generally don’t connect with Rockstar’s games. Not a dislike per se, but just a kind of ‘meh’ reaction normally. But I did love LA Noire.
        On my list to go back to and hunt the plat.

  2. yeah, the alternative vote thing, when sections of the government sucessfully managed to convince most of the nation that counting to three would be too complicated.

    yes, i did steal that joke from the now show.

    i don’t think wahlberg is as terrible an actor as some say, but i’m glad he didn’t end up as drake.

    spares us this for the Uncharted movie.

  3. The sue sony o tron was proper awesome :D

    Similarly to Youles, I got Brink and Noire in May. Whilst I eally liked Brink, and enjoyed going through L.A Noire, I doubt I’d ever bother with Noire again. If ever they do a sequel it’ll need to be very heavily refined to interest me.

  4. Just been having a giggle at the Sue-Sony-a-Tron myself. Wonder if anyone from Sony ever saw it..

  5. I actually finished L.A. Noire, seen as I realised that whatever decision you make has zero bearing on the story or progression through the game and therefore didn’t have to get anything right in order to get through it. What a let down, but I still enjoyed it, especially the setting.

  6. Hardly a brilliant month but F3AR was enjoyable as was Lego Pirates. Even LA Noire was ok-ish, just way too long for a “one trick pony”

  7. Never did manage to get my free PSP part of the welcome back package. Despite having bought numerous PSP titles through PSN on PS3 it wouldn’t (as far as I could see) allow you to redeem the PSP part of the package via PS3. Every single time without fail that I tried to log into the PC software suite it said “down for maintenance” or some such. They were free though, so it doesn’t really matter I guess.

    • You had to log into the PSN on the PSP and download the free game from there.
      It seemed pretty simple. Was your PSP broken or something?

  8. Ah Brink, my personal ‘Let down of the Year’ I was expecting so much from the trailers and it just didn’t materialise.

    To be fair, the psn meltdown played it’s part in brink’s demise, but when it was back up, the game was laggy and unplayable.

    I was hoping for a lobby system so I could play an all-human team bit it didn’t surface. Kept getting put in games where there were 2-3 real people and AI.

    • Oh and I won LA Noire, havent finished it, got to the last desk and stopped for reasons unknown. (Think it may have been ME2). I still have it so its part of the ever growing ‘To do’ list

      • Brink was good, but over-hyped. It hasn’t redefined the FPS genre.

        SpikeyMikey winning something….shocker :p

      • I know, tell me about it. I haven’t got room for all this free stuff

        *disclaimer* The above sentence does not mean I do not want free stuff

      • Especially if it’s Madcatz stuff

      • badaboom youles!!

        I liked brink but it overhyped itself a bit too much. But still found it a good solid shooter.

      • Lol ;P

        Yep, you’ve hit the nail on the head with Brink.

  9. Bought two games in May: LA Noire and MX vs ATV Alive. Also my AS exams started and finished. All in all a good month. LA Noire was a superb game and Mx vs ATV was enjoyable to play.

  10. But what about the weather!

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